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HES Toolz© creates an estimate right in front of your client. Clients make decisions that change the price and performance until they have a budget ...

Discontinued App


HES Toolz© creates an estimate right in front of your client. Clients make decisions that change the price and performance until they have a budget that works for them. Sales are a numbers game, the more estimates you put out the better your chances of closing more opportunities. Spend more time selling and less time bidding. HES Toolz© can work as a stand alone app or in unison with multiple Mac, PC and iPads to share information across a country or industry. Access the data store to download future releases of new graphics, reports or a host of other information. HES Toolz© iPad App, benefits summary Sells anything Engages your customer to create their own budget Creates a budget during the meeting Displays your product lines the way you intended Emails a PDF or HTML report Qualifies the customer Eliminates time spent creating multiple estimates Easy to set-up and use Acts as a Digital-Mobile Catalog Training and Tech support are FREE for the app Provides a budget - not a shopping list Matrix Server “talks” to your MAC or PC, sending and receiving info (optional) Closes sales faster Allows the customer to “up-sell” themselves Coordinates what your Sales Team is offering Works as a standalone app without needing to connect to the web Instantly update your sales team when new products comes out, decrease the learning time needed for new salespeople Works with most currencies Worldwide HES Toolz© can sell just about anything you offer. Whether you’re selling Electronics, Installation, Catering, Furniture, Clothing, Flowers, Books or Plumbing, retail or wholesale this app is going to change how you sell. iPads have become a very powerful tool and can now help you close your sales without printing anything. Email the signed document right from the iPad Creates an estimate before you leave your first meeting! Now you can spend more time selling and less time bidding. Customers that understand their options and costs are ready to buy Image Editing: Choose or change your images from our library of images in the app or create new images using the (purchased separately) Power Client with Matrix Server. Never forget to offer everything you sell, Customers can only say yes to something if they know about it. Eliminate hours spent creating estimates Cut your time working on estimates to the time it takes to meet with a client. Easily customize the look and feel, HES Toolz© displays your company’s logo and name across the top of the app. Select a background theme, button shape, even customize the grid itself. And this is all done from a simple menu of choices. Email your Estimate before you leave the meeting email an estimate to the customer before you leave the meeting. Include a deposit/down payment and move on to the next phase of the sale. Get started now on increasing your sales and profitability!


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Version: 1.0.4

Size: 49.87 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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