程式,親身é«â€é©—這個嶄新çš„互動資訊平台! 現在您可以透過保聯應ç
程式,取得更多保險資訊,以及查詢為您服務çš„保險代理登記資料,包括: - ...

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程式,親身é«â€é©—這個嶄新的互動資訊平台! 現在您可以透過保聯應ç
程式,取得更多保險資訊,以及查詢為您服務çš„保險代理登記資料,包括: - 保聯簡介及保險公司會員名冊 - 保險代理登記冊(你可以透過這個平台,即時查核保險代理çš„登記狀況及資料) - 保險貼士(扼要介紹各類保險çš„特色,購買保險時應注意的事項,索償時又有ç‚麼需要留意) - 保聯最新消息(簡介保聯çš„活動概況和最新訊息) - 遊戲(模擬人ç‟çš„歷奇遊戲,讓你領會在人ç‟不同階段可能踫到çš„風險,又應該如何應對和處理) Come and join us at this interactive information platform. Download the HKFI App now! You can now access all kinds of latest information on insurance and the real time agents register at this one-stop shop app: Introduction to the HKFI and lists of the HKF member companies Insurance Agents Register - find out the registration status of your insurance agents at this real time platform Insurance tips - your portal to all kinds of insurance products, what to look out for when taking out insurance and how to file a claim News of HKFI - find out what is happening and what’s new! Interactive game - sail through the ups and downs at different life stages and learn how to manage risks.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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