HOOP series vol.2 “ HOOP J “ !! for Basketball ********************************************** Score App 『 HOOP J 』 The easiest and useful, Basketball ...

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HOOP series vol.2 “ HOOP J “ !! for Basketball ********************************************** Score App 『 HOOP J 』 The easiest and useful, Basketball Scoring App ********************************************** We recommend this application to; ● who want to share scores with friends ● who want to encourage players by showing scores [You can do things like ...] ■ Track your score ■ See your shooting rate ■ Record your rebounds, assists, steals, and turnovers ■ Watch a play-by-play any time ■ Save the results of your games ■ Share the results of your games with friends [We came up with various ideas] 1. Basketball is a speedy sport, so you don't have much time to keep scores. We revised our application many times and finally we made it very easy to tap. You can use it easily, so you'll enjoy games. 2. We provide you with "HOOP J web service" by using a private server so that you can share scores with someone. Whoever want to check scores and stats can do so from anywhere through Internet. [From iPhone-version user] ● I think that I will use in my child's game. ● Add 4point-button for senior games(Done) ● I want the export function of record(Done) ● It's easier than recording on paper ● I want All-seasons result,too Thank you! We have received many good mails from the iPhone-version user. I also received delightful words that it is a worthy application. This application "HOOPJ" is also able to recommend with confidence. If you want to track your scores, please try to use "HOOP J". (We recommend you to practice the operation by practice-games, game-videos, etc. before use!) Thank you. ■ Please give us demands and questions from our support site. ■ Please contact us if you want use trial version. ■ [App-Note-Hoop series vol.1 - Hoop i (for iPhone) [The new function of the iPad-version] + A score check is more easy by score-sheets. + A member change is still more smooth! + Record the kind of fouls by Setup. + The data of a player is known immediately. + Correspond to the 4point shot of a senior basketball. + Add Possession display. + Add BoxScore. + 12 /15 /18 persons easy registration are possible. + Score can share with other devices by using Bluetooth. + Available for 3x3


Technical specifications

Version: 8.0

Size: 3.74 MB


Price: 5,92 €

Developed by sesame

Day of release: 2012-02-13

Recommended age: 4+

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