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HSC Results Estimator

Imagine what it would be like to get your final HSC Results for every subject TODAY. The HSC Results Estimator is the first app to predict your HSC Results ...

Discontinued App


Imagine what it would be like to get your final HSC Results for every subject TODAY. The HSC Results Estimator is the first app to predict your HSC Results for EACH OF YOUR SUBJECTS (NOT an ATAR calculator). All you have to do is enter your School Certificate marks and choose the subjects you are currently doing from a list of 54 HSC SUBJECTS. The Estimator will then produce an official-looking estimate of your final results that you can even SHARE on Facebook. You can also perform “What if?” calculations where you can choose different subjects and see how you might have gone. Or, you can adjust your School Certificate marks to reflect how you believe you could have gone if you had worked harder, and see what effect that would have on your final HSC Results. HSC SUBJECTS COVERED: Agriculture, Ancient History, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Community and Family Studies, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Economics, Engineering Studies, English Standard, English Advanced, English as a Second Language, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Food Technology, Geography, Industrial Technology, Information Processes and Technology, Legal Studies, General Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History, History Extension, Music 1, Music 2, Music Extension, PDHPE, Physics, Senior Science, Society and Culture, Software Design and Development, Studies of Religion I, Studies of Religion II, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts LANGUAGES Chinese Background Speakers, French Beginners, French Continuers, Italian Beginners, Italian Continuers, Japanese Beginners, Japanese Continuers VET SUBJECTS Business Services Exam, Construction Exam, Entertainment Exam, Hospitality Examination, Information Technology Exam, Metal and Engineering Exam, Retail Services Exam NOTE: Not every subject is covered. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS LIST OF SUBJECTS BEFORE BUYING THE APP. HSC Apps accepts no liability for users who have paid for the app and found that a subject is not included. If it is in the list below, then it is covered. If not, then it is not. DISCLAIMER: This app is to be used for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. HSC Apps accepts no liability for any damage caused by the estimates. This app is NOT to be used by students, teachers, parents or anyone else as a way of accurately predicting any mark for any subject. It is not to be used in any sort of official capacity. HSC Apps also has NO AFFILIATION with the Board of Studies. This is NOT OFFICIAL in ANY WAY. They have full ownership of the name ‘Higher School Certificate’, as well as the entire marking and assessment process. HSC Apps claims NO KNOWLEDGE of any information that would make these estimates accurate. Take the hint: Don’t take this app seriously at all. Just share it with your friends; dream; laugh; get motivated. That’s the extent of this app’s usefulness.


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