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Thank you for selecting HUSSH. HUSSH is a mobile application designed to support the electronic exchange of confidential agreements using Bump and other ...

Discontinued App


Thank you for selecting HUSSH. HUSSH is a mobile application designed to support the electronic exchange of confidential agreements using Bump and other forms of messaging. The application provides generic confidentiality agreement templates and supports user upload of custom confidential agreements. Do you have these problems: * Do you lose track of confidential agreements? * Are you spending too much time managing confidential agreement exchanges? * Do you send confidentiality agreements out and never get them back? * Are you confident that your employees are maintaining accurate confidentiality agreement records ? * Do you think it is time consuming to protect your intellectual capital ? * Are you still using paper to create and sign your confidential agreements ? Then you need HUSSH! BENEFITS: * Go Green: Stop using paper to create and sign confidential agreements * Better Tracking: Never worry about the recording or accuracy of the signature on record with the person you are doing business with * Use Technology: Get a quick and easy way to exchange your own company created confidential agreements * Save Time: Improve the speed and efficiency of exchanging confidential agreements and spend more time talking to your customers * Save Money: Use your existing smartphone mobile device to improve company productivity *******SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER******** * Buy today and save 70% off the original price * Offer good for 30 days starting August 11, 2010 * Offer ends September 12, 2010 * Special Introductory offer allows you to create 50 confidential agreement documents * Pay low introductory price and use Hussh for 12 months at the Introduction rate * Offer applies for first 12 months or 50 documents whichever comes first Don’t wait - buy at the special introductory rate and save 70% today. Stop spending time tracking down your confidential agreements, reduce the amount of time you company spends managing confidentiality agreement exchanges and increase the acceptance and response rate when you send out confidentiality agreements today. FEATURES: * Electronically create, sign, exchange, track and store confidential agreements * Immediately exchange confidential agreements via Bump * Exchange confidential agreements via Messaging * Use custom confidential agreements within HUSSH * Secured access to completed and signed confidential agreements * Signed confidential agreements stored on HUSSH server for 12 months * Completed and signed confidential agreements delivered in PDF format *************DISCLAIMER****************** HUSSH iPhone Application helps you prepare Confidentiality Agreements(CA), upload CA and execute CA. vCOI, LLC is not your lawyer, is not providing legal advice, and is not a substitute for a lawyer. By using this mobile application you agree to vCOI, LLC terms and conditions. Use this application and the CA provided at your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that nothing in this application is intended to or constitutes the practice of law or the giving of legal advice. You may wish to consult your own independent legal advisor prior to relying on any CA produced or uploaded to this application.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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