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HVAC FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Professional. This program contains nearly 200 formulas helpful HVAC ...

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HVAC FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Professional. This program contains nearly 200 formulas helpful HVAC Professionals. Sections include: Air Change, Airside, Boilers, BTU Conversions, Ductwork, Energy Values, Heating Design, Heating Requirements, Humidity, Loads, Pumps, Steam, Temperature, Waterside Systems, Conversions and Area Calculations. Heating design calculations include formulas such as: electric heating calculations, electric baseboard, Heat Tracing Cable, Gas Fired Radiant Ceiling formulas. HVAC FORMULATOR provides an easy was to quickly find what you need, you can search, mark formulas as favorites, or access recently used formulas. HVAC FORMULATOR is the third version of a dynamic program, planned to develop and evolve. It was not our intent to include every possible HVAC formula in this program version. Additional formulas will be added over time. If there is a formula you would like us to add, please contact us and we will do our best to add that formula. HVAC FORMULATOR formulas include: Air Change Ratio Equations Air Change Rate Per Hour Air Change Rat Per Hour Metric Air Flow Rate AIRSIDE Sensible Heat Latent Heat Airside Total Heat Airside Metric Sensible Heat Metric Latent Heat (Lbs) BOILER Generational Efficiency Generational Efficiency With Thermal BTU CONVERSIONS Btu to Calories Btu to Cubic foot-Atm Btu to Foot pounds Btu to Foot-Lbf Btu to Gram-Cal Btu to Gram-Cms Btu to Horsepower-Hr Btu to Inch-Lbf Btu to Joules Btu to Kilocalories Btu to Liter-Atm Btu to Pounds-Cal Btu to Watt-Hr DUCTWORK Velocity Velocity Pressure Total Pressure Round Ductwork Equivalent Round ENERGY Crude Oil Motor Gasoline Aviation Gasoline Jet Fuel Lpg Propane Ethanol Butane Kerosene Residual Oil Anthracite Coal Bituminous Coal Natural Gas HEATING DESIGN Electric Heating Unit Electric Baseboard Heat Tracing Cable Hydronic Snow Melting Gas-Fired Radiant Ceiling Electric Heating Design Load Hot Water Heating System Design Boiler Design Capacity Boiler Area Baseboard Heating Load Steam Heating System Heating Capacity HEATING REQUIREMENTS Average Insulation Good Insulation HUMIDITY Specific Humidity Relative Humidity Sensible Heat Humidity Latent Heat Sensible LOADS Temperature Load Heat from Lights Heat from Electric Equipment Heat from Machines Open Expansion Tank • Required Volume Pressure in a Mixture • Effective Pressure PIPING Area of Pipe Wall Weight of Pipe Cast-Iron Pipe Steel Pipe Copper Pipe Steel Pipe Equations Cross Sectional Area Outside Surface Area Per Foot Inside Surface Area Total Area of Metal Expansion in Plastic Piping Expansion in Inch Hazen William Friction Head Loss Friction Head Loss Equivalent Length Piping Elbows Piping Gate Valves Pie Length Change Due to Temperature Pipe Chase Size Change Due to length Chase Width Chase Depth PUMP LAWS Break Horsepower Ft of Water Pump Suction Head REFRIGERATION Chiller Unit Tonnage Output Air Unit Tonnage Output Chiller Coefficient Compression Ratio Mass Flow Rate STEAM Pounds Per Steam Per Hour Condensate Loads Lbs of Steam Water Fuel Oil Gas/Air TEMPERATURE Mixed Air Mixing Two Liquids- Temperature Final Temperature Mix WATERSIDE SYSTEM Total Heat Waterside Evaporator Water Flow Rate Condenser Water Flow Rate Waterside Metric • Total Heat Metric


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.5

Size: 62.85 MB


Price: 4,23 €

Developed by Multieducator Inc

Day of release: 2009-06-9

Recommended age: 4+

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