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Description: ******** Note: ********* This application is not just for people committed to doing hajj but also those wanting to perform umrah aswell. Narrated ...

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Description: ******** Note: ********* This application is not just for people committed to doing hajj but also those wanting to perform umrah aswell. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "Whoever performs Hajj for Allah's pleasure and does not have sexual relations with his wife, and does not do evil or sins then he will return (after Hajj free from all sins e.g. hajj mabrur) as if he were born a new." *For those Muslims who don’ t know what hajj mabrur is here is the definition it is essentially an accepted hajj one in which the haji performs the hajj in accordance with the quran and sunnah of the prophet (p.b.u.h) the way in which he himself did the hajj. *The creators of this application have endeavoured to make this an application of great importance and to be of accurate information in accordance with the teachings of our beloved prophet (p.b.u.h) enlisted in this application are the following topics: • Miqaat • Journey • Ihram • Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) • Makkah • Umrah Hints/Tips • Spending time Between Umrah and Hajj • Minah • Arafat • Muzdalifah • Tawaf-ul-ifadah • Jamarat (stoning ) • Tawaf-ul widaa • Visit to Madinah (Prophet's Mosque) • Masa'il of Hajj & Umarah(Ref:Quran/Sunnah) and some important Masa'il related to Hajj & Umrah: • Hajj with Haram Money • Pregnant Woman & Hajj • Child's Hajj and many more.... Narrated 'Abdullah bin Abbas : Al-Fadl (his brother) was riding behind Allah's Apostle and a woman from the tribe of Khath'am came and Al-Fadl started looking at her and she started looking at him. The Prophet turned Al-Fadl's face to the other side. The woman said, "O Allah's Apostle! The obligation of Hajj enjoined by Allah on His devotees has become due on my father and he is old and weak, and he cannot sit firm on the Mount; may I perform Hajj on his behalf?" Want to know the answer to this question and many more questions you may have then get this application now an essential one to have detailing one of the 5 obligatory pillars of islam! **** May Allah accept our Hajj/Umrah Ameen. ***** Also coming soon many more useful applications from Pearls Productions uk Insh-Allah. * Subscribe to new updates and our upcoming apps by sending an email to pearlsproductions@gmail.com. Or send us your feedback at pearlsproductions@gmail.com


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Version: 1.4

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Developed by Pearls Productions UK

Day of release: 2010-11-1

Recommended age: 4+

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