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Halal Scanner Lite is the free version of Halal Scanner. In the free version only the browse feature is available. Buy the full version of Halal Scanner ...

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Halal Scanner Lite is the free version of Halal Scanner. In the free version only the browse feature is available. Buy the full version of Halal Scanner to be able to scan ingredients using the built-in camera and search for ingredients using the keypad. Full Version: Check the Halal status of food additives using your iPhone 3GS Camera! Halal Scanner is a one of kind app that will scan ingredient labels of food products and automatically tell you the halal statuses of the food additives contained in the product. Halal Scanner takes a photo of the ingredients label on a product, recognizes the food additive numbers using text recognition technology and checks the additives in our halal database to determine whether or not they are halal. Halal Scanner also lets you browse through and search our database of food additives when you need to look up additives in a hurry or if you are using an iPod Touch, iPhone 2G or 3G. HOW TO GET GOOD RESULTS 1. Good lighting is essential. Ensure that the product is scanned in a well lit area. 2. Focus the camera on the product before taking the photo. 3. Crop the photo to include only the ingredients list. After you take the photo, reduce the size of the photo using the crop feature to only include the ingredients that you want scanned. 4. Scan the ingredients in the direction of the text indicated on the screen. Hold the camera sideways so that the text on the Camera is upright before taking the photo. 5. Hold the phone steady while taking the photo. Depending on the image, processing may take from a few seconds to over a minute. COMPATIBILITY - Halal Scanner works on iPod Touch, iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS. - To access camera functions (such as scanning) iPhone 3GS is required. Scanning will not work on iPod Touch and will give unexpected results on iPhone 2G and 3G devices. However, you can still access our halal database within the app to search through food additives. - To improve scanning functionality on iPhone 2G and 3G, external lenses may be required. DISCLAIMER - Halal Scanner was developed by Muslims for Muslims so we share your concerns about getting halal statuses as accurate as possible. We have intensively researched halal statuses, however we cannot guarantee results. You should make your own decisions when considering whether a product is halal or not. - Halal Scanner will only scan food additive numbers (E-numbers). You must therefore always check all ingredients on the product when considering whether a product is halal or not. - Text recognition technology cannot guarantee 100% accurate results. Halal Scanner may recognize incorrect food additives or miss additives that are scanned. You should always double check results. - Halal Scanner will only scan food additives with E-numbers available in our database. E-numbers are found mostly on labels within the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. For countries outside the European Union, Halal Scanner will only scan imported European products. - Halal Scanner should be treated as a guide only. The final decision on whether or not to consume a product lies with each user and the Developers of Halal Scanner cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make from using Halal Scanner.


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