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Halloween Heroes

Who said Halloween can’t be educational? In Halloween Heroes, players must dare themselves to enter spooky places, like haunted houses and pirate ships, ...

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Who said Halloween can’t be educational? In Halloween Heroes, players must dare themselves to enter spooky places, like haunted houses and pirate ships, in order to take care of all the trash left over from Halloween festivities. And you can bet it’s a big mess to clean up. Just think about all the trash we leave behind come October. Jack O’Lanterns are left to rot, plastic bats and spiders wind up all over the streets, and discarded costumes clutter up the garbage. Halloween Heroes challenges children ages 4-10 to take care of the mess we leave behind through composting and sustainable recycling. Players help witches sort trash, plunder haunted houses for recyclables, and compost different types of organic waste in order to plant new trees. Along the way, children learn the differences between plastics, metals, paper, and organic waste, as well as how recycling can lead to the creation of new products from old materials. But it’s not all about recycling, either - kids can also have fun making their own costumes from recyclable material, like toilet paper and milk cartons. After dressing up their “Yogotars” with their spookiest outfits, players can dress up in their best Halloween costumes for all their friends to see. Recycling still isn’t as widespread as it should be, and a part of the problem comes from a lack of existing educational materials on recycling, especially in third-world countries. Halloween Heroes seeks to solve the problem by making recycling fun and easy to understand. LEARN ABOUT RECYCLING IN REAL TIME - The world of Yogome is throwing a big Halloween bash, and all Yogotars are invited! - 15 different missions... - Learn how to use household materials to make Halloween costumes and decorations - Tutorials in both English and Spanish Yogome creates fun iOS educational games for 21st-century kids. By joining the Yogome Squad, children can learn about languages, math, science, the environment, nutrition, and other life skills. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even notice they’re learning! From our educational experts: Halloween Heroes gives your child a comprehensive understanding of how recycling works and why it’s effective in reducing waste and creating new products. This game encourages children ages 4-10 to learn about the different types of recyclables and sort them in order to develop real-world recycling skills. It also teaches them about composting, a lesser-known form of recycling for organic materials. Players enter different, Halloween-themed locations in the Yogome universe during the in order to track down errant trash and stop it in its tracks. Each mission sees players accomplishing a different goal, from helping witches sort plastics from paper to planting new trees with composted soil. Parents can track their child's progress through an easy-to-use Dashboard.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.2

Size: 45 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Yogome, Inc

Day of release: 2013-10-18

Recommended age: 4+

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