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Following on from our successful Japanese My Way, is the next step in successful Japanese language learning. Learning in class or at home is fun but, ...

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Following on from our successful Japanese My Way, is the next step in successful Japanese language learning. Learning in class or at home is fun but, if you're like me, you spend a lot of time in the car or outside. Enter Hands-Free Sensei. Hands-Free sensei allows you to practice and drill Japanese vocabulary (and, in later versions, kanji and grammar too) while driving, walking the dog, hiking, or anywhere you like. Using speech synthesis and voice recognition technology it will ask you questions and your answers will logged and your progress tracked to make sure you're always getting to practice the stuff you're having trouble remembering, not the stuff you can. Hands-Free Sensei also allows you to speed up and slow down the speech so you can proceed at a speed that is comfortable for your level. You can also, pause, play, go back and forth, just like a CD player. Of course, being hands-free, bluetooth headsets are fully supported and, for in-car use, recommended due to their ability to cut out background noise. There is also a 'muted' mode, whereby instead of providing answers by using your voice, you can press and hold on the screen to select from thought bubbles. Great for those times when you might want to grab your headphones and practice in the local coffee shop. What's more, if you can think it, you can practice it! Yes, Hands-Free Sensei allows you to create your own vocabulary lists to learn the things YOU want to learn. Your vocabulary lists are stored on the cloud so they are synched not only between devices, but also between applications. That means you can be in class, look up an unknown word in our dictionary/flash card application (Japanese My Way), add it from the dictionary to your study list and it'll be available instantly for you to practice in Hands-Free Sensei on the way home from class. How cool is that!? Our applications would not be as good without YOUR feedback, so PLEASE let us know at support@rakudasoft.com what you like and what you don't like. We are committed to providing the best Japanese study tools that will only get better over time. NOTE: Please, please, please. If you are having issues, contact support@rakudasoft.com and we will work with you to address them. With so many versions of iOS and devices now, there it's impossible to test on them all, but we are dedicated to fixing any issues quickly. Thank you.


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Version: 1.3.3

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