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In addition to all features of "Handy Bible"(Search "Handy Bible"), "Handy Bible Pro" also adds ...

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In addition to all features of "Handy Bible"(Search "Handy Bible"), "Handy Bible Pro" also adds the following features: ----------------------------------------- * Universal app (if you buy the app, you can install it for both the iPhone and the iPad); it also supports both the portrait and the landscape mode; no internet connection needed * As user's review-"No other Bible app allows you to do so much on one page" - Unlike other bible apps on the market, can only read bible, commentary or dictionary - one at a time, "Handy Bible" provides very unigue feature - "floating", "Movable" and "half-transparent" bibe/commentary/Dictionary/Personal Note reading window on top of bible text, so that you can read all these texts at the same time. * The only app on the App Store to open up to 4 bible windows(others can only have up to 2) - each bible window can adjust its own size and assign its own bible translation text. And moreover, you can assign "Bible Parallel" to one of these 4 bible windows. These features allow to have all bible translations viewable on the same screen without flipping back and forth. Plus the above "float" commentary, dictionary, personal note and bible search popup window, you can have all kinds of bible study contents shown and viewable on the same screen. * Powerful note(have both scripture and topical "Tag" notes) editing - the only app on the App Store to allow "rich text editing" and add links to any bible study content within the app - supports "rich text editing" including "Bold", "Italic", "Underline", "Strike Through", "Font color/highlight/size", "Ordered or unordered list", etc. In addition, you can insert "Tag" shortcut that links any bible study content to your note. Also, you can copy web page link and paste into your note. Video demo: http://facebook.com/handybible * Powerful and rich SQL database search features: search for any text within seconds inside the Bible or any text in your own personal notes; it can also filter OT and NT books. Can also use "AND" or "OR" (words separated by space, or use begin-end double quotes to search as a whole phrase) to narrow down the search. * Unlike other apps, can only show search result page by page, Search Result will be presented with all scriptures found in order by a Book with Book Index for easy access and the frequency of that serach strings within each Book. * Bible commentaries: MHCC,JFB,Clarke,Barnes,Gill,TSK free domain commentaries included. A Commentary icon will be indicated and shown if available for that bible verse. Like NOTE window, this Commentary Window is also floating, hafl-transparent and movable so can have it on all the time while reading bible text. Eaily switch to next available Commentary with Next/Previous button. * Tools-Compare Translation: show all available bible translations with one single window * Tools-Dictionary: includes AmTrac,Easton,Fausset,ISBE,Morrish,Nave,SC,Smiths,TCR. Search any exact or partial of keyword. * Tools-Strong Number Concordance: includes Hebrew/Greek Definitions and Verse References. Search and look up each Strong Number. * Tools-Bible with Strong Number: includes KJV with Strong Number text. For each Strong Number, can have a floating window to show the definition of each Strong Number. * Tools-Bible Maps/Art. * Tools-Reading Plan: create personal daily bible reading plan based on your choices of bible books and duration. Includes 4 examples of bible reading plans. * All the above can be exported from Copy Text or Email Text. * Include Bible Translations: ASV,BBE,DARBY,ISV,KJV,NHEB,WEB,YLT bible text. Also can purchase copyrighted contents like ESV, Message, NASB/NASBEC, NET bible/notes, NKJV and others * Useful Tips/FAQ: http://vincentchiu.com/iphone_apps ------ Ratings: Avg. 4.5/5 all countries ------


Technical specifications

Version: 3.50

Size: 279.88 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by Vincent Chiu

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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