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Happy Customer App built specifically for Wholesale Distributors’ customers, enables them to manage inventory efficiently, check order status, browse ...

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Happy Customer App built specifically for Wholesale Distributors’ customers, enables them to manage inventory efficiently, check order status, browse catalog, and order from anywhere anytime. By using this app, Customers carry right products at the right times in right quantities. Happy Customer App empowers Distributors to provide superior customer service and enhance and amplify the core values of distributors – efficiency, reliability, availability. As customers can manage inventory efficiently and order products all from one tool provided by distributors, they will be happy and loyal to the distributor. Key Business Benefits for Distributors: •Sell more: As customers view product information, product prices, view order status and order the products themselves, Sales reps can reduce time they spent on service and can spend more time on up-sell and cross-sell. •Additional channel of Revenue: When customers use the mobile app at the point of need, they can order products from anywhere anytime. •Improve Customer Loyalty by providing customers flexible tools and by making it easy to do business with you. As customers can also manage inventory with the same tool, Customers will improve the efficiency of their business. •Happy Customer App empowers you to know what your customers are buying from other distributors as the app supports inventory management of third party products. •Stay competitive by using sophisticated tools that your large competitors usually use. •Reduce costs: As customers can manage inventory efficiently, check order status, view product information, submit orders themselves, there will be less burden on the customer phone support. When customers have right products at right times in right quantities, Distributors can reduce the number of late orders and number of errors. •Improve ROI by using a pre-built tool that is made for distribution industry, needs less customization and quick to deploy and run. Key Business Features: •Analytical Reports: Customers can view their order history and Inventory reports. Inventory report enables Customers to see a snapshot of what products they carry and what quantities and how much they are worth. •Manage products and categories: Customers can manage the products and categories of products in their inventory list. •Manage inventory: Customers manage inventory in three flexible and convenient ways – physical counts, Bar code scanner, and Goods receipt. Goods receipt allows them to receive full order or partial order and updates the inventory quantities automatically. Integrated bar code scanner allows customers to scan products and update inventory without browsing and searching. In the third way, customers can update the inventory manually. •Order products: Ordering can be done through an automatically generated planning report, Product history and Catalog. •Orders will directly be placed in SAP ECC system and customers are given the order status immediately. •Offline support, Simple and beautiful UI, Excel based Catalog integration are some of the other business features.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 11.22 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Squeeze Mobility

Day of release: 2013-04-8

Recommended age: 4+

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