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Hello Kitty Connect the Dots

●○ ●○ Merry Christmas to U Campaign! ●○ ●○ Dec. 9th - Dec. 31st, 2013. Basic pack $3.99 => $2.99 !! ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ...

Discontinued App


●○ ●○ Merry Christmas to U Campaign! ●○ ●○ Dec. 9th - Dec. 31st, 2013. Basic pack $3.99 => $2.99 !! ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ The monkey of "naughty I've put a corner a picture of Hello Kitty. The attempts to change back to the original with a brush of magic! " ● "good friend app series" first bullet! Welcome to the "point of connection Hello Kitty!" This app, by tapping a finger in turn points placed on the canvas above, It is an application of the play that depict the popular character of Sanrio. ● An illustration to go revealed gradually Monkey's mischievous because had over the ink, Picture of all'll have become black and white first. By depict a little bit at a time by connecting a point, color is I go back to painting more and more. I wonder if reversible, painting all? ● It is all right even if you do not know the number! Sequential number to be dumped in point, even non-digit "123 ..." To be able to switch to character hiragana, katakana, alphabet of (upper / lower case), I can challenge in a good character of their own! ● The cute, but it hateful little? Ruined a picture of Hello Kitty, monkey of naughty, Original character of this app! Be there also appear suddenly when you fix the picture, it is disturbed? ● For "good friend app series" To learn and Kitty, "Nakayoshi app series" is a fun easy educational app! As a first step, the · "Connection point of Hello Kitty" - "looking picture of Hello Kitty" · "Sound play Hello Kitty" There is, because it will be adding new apps play a lot in the future, so stay tuned! ● About Good Friend App Series The Good Friend App Series is an entertaining, educational app that lets you learn and have fun with Hello Kitty in the process! In the first installment: - Hello Kitty: Connect the Dots - Hello Kitty: Find it - Hello Kitty: Playing with Sound But that’s not all! There are many fun new apps that are to be added in the futureâ€â€so stay tuned! Official website Click here for the latest news such as information about upcoming releases! http://nakayoshi-apps.abw.co.jp/


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.0

Size: 40.31 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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