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Hello Pettle

......The easiest way to make your baby stop crying - Get Hello Pettle!...... From a baby kangaroo to a polar bear, 18 kinds of cute rattling toy animals ...

Discontinued App


......The easiest way to make your baby stop crying - Get Hello Pettle!...... From a baby kangaroo to a polar bear, 18 kinds of cute rattling toy animals will instantly put your baby in a good mood. An interactive and intuitive app that contains 68 sounds and 73 motions, Hello Pettle’s impact on babies goes beyond just the entertainment factor - it also enhances your baby's sensory development through sight, sound, and touch. Did you know that our human brain development is completed by 80% before we turn 3 years old? From the baby’s first real life interaction, the five senses are used to build the necessary connections in the brain for full function. Each experience creates and strengthens a unique neural pathway for each child. The baby’s surrounding environment and the care received greatly affect how these connections are formed. Hence, when more stimuli are provided for the baby, the brain will absorb more positive effects. Pettle is a perfectly optimized smart rattle toy app designed to enhance your child’s (from 0 to 3.5 years of age) development. Just by touching the screen, each different 68 sounds and more than 73 motions can be delivered to your child. The animal friends’ soft movement and beautiful sounds will attract the child's attention and stimulate his/her senses. It can also play the smart nanny role that makes parenting easier. When your baby doesn't stop crying or when you're too busy to provide the perfect care, this app would be very helpful. Even when you aren’t fully aware, Pettle will constantly have instructive interaction with your baby.        ...FEATURES... * The impeccably designed toy animals in 18 types - A bat, cat, cow, chick, dog, elephant, fur seal, kangaroo, lion, monkey, mouse, owl, panda, penguin, pig, polar bear, sheep, and tiger. * Child-friendly graphics in High Quality - Smooth texture, cute designs and fancy colors   * Various High Quality sound effects - Each toy animal makes different sounds when the mood changes * A wide range of visual and aural interactions - Includes touching, shaking, and pressing the toy animals * Playing Ball mode - Each toy animal has its own ball. You can play with the ball by shaking them (moving by gravitational interaction). * Day & Night mode - It could have the child stay awake or help them to go to sleep. 


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 34.36 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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