Help Me Fly

"Probably one of the smartest puzzle games I’ve played in a good while" - Touch Arcade (4.5/5 stars)"Perfectly pitched puzzler" - The Sunday Times (4/5)"It’s ...

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"Probably one of the smartest puzzle games I’ve played in a good while" - Touch Arcade (4.5/5 stars)"Perfectly pitched puzzler" - The Sunday Times (4/5)"It’s brilliant, endearing, and just plain fun" - (5/5) "A Flawless interface with artwork that simply shines... straight-up gaming goodness" - Jay Is Games "Every now and then you play one of these puzzle games where everything just fits into place" - (4/5) -----Propeller Joe's plane ran out of power again, and it's up to you to help him jump-start it through 90 brain teasing levels.• Arrange and manipulate the pieces on the board to power up Joe's plane • Beautiful graphics optimized for both tablets and mobile devices• Exciting new puzzle elements are introduced as you progress - energy beams, wireless power transmitters and many more will require you to come up with fresh solutions• Find a path that powers up all the stars for an extra challenge!With its simple to understand concept and challenging puzzles, Help Me Fly will keep you entertained for a long time!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.06

Size: 20.98 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Funtomic

Recommended age: 4+

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