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Helping Toto the Puppy for iPhone

Helping Toto the Puppy, a fascinating and uniquely interactive storybook app, is now available for the iPhone, featuring the original engaging storyline, ...

Discontinued App


Helping Toto the Puppy, a fascinating and uniquely interactive storybook app, is now available for the iPhone, featuring the original engaging storyline, narrations by professional children’s voiceover actors, and the rich array of interactions that kids have enjoyed on the iPhone. This well-crafted, original children’s storybook is designed for kids to use their sense of sight, sound, and touch to successfully navigate their way to a happy ending in this delightful story about helping animals. Discover the multi-faceted features of Helping Toto the Puppy that help nurture kids’ cognitive development while providing endless entertainment: * An experiential storybook sharing how our main character Chloe meets the mischievous frog wizard Gorf and learns to make true friends with animal characters through comical dialogue and playful interaction. * An interactive storybook that encourages children to discover over 50 different hidden touch features and directly interact with appealing animal characters. * Myriad touch features just waiting to be discovered on every page! See if you can find them all: - Pat Toto on the head and see how much he likes it! - Tickle Toto’s tummy and feet to see his funny reaction. - Blow bubbles by actually blowing into the microphone - Find out what Toto’s favorite doggy treat is by connecting the dots to draw different foods. - When Toto’s tummy starts to hurt, rub it to see him transform into a talking puppy! - Tap Gorf the frog wizard when you see him, and watch him magically create a shower of flowers! - Find and tap the cricket hiding under the deck to see it jump out in surprise. - Tap the frog when it’s raining to see something really funny happen! - When Gorf the frog wizard is talking, try tossing him into the air and watch him parachute back down. - Wondering how to wake up sleepyhead Toto? Tap Gorf the frog wizard to find out! ** Each new version upgrade comes with additional touch interactions to look forward to! * A cute little cricket is hiding somewhere in every page. Find it, tap it, and watch it dance and play the violin! The story alternates between expressive narration and character dialogue, making it easier for young readers to comprehend and become fully immersed in the story. * Shortcut feature enables readers to quickly and easily navigate to favorite pages. * Narrations are voiced by professional voiceover actors in each of the supported languagesâ€â€English, Korean, and Japanese---with colorful expression and emphasis that embody the true spirit of storytelling. * The Japanese version is narrated by Hori Jyunko, celebrated Japanese voice actress, whose vividly animated storytelling adds depth and liveliness that is reminiscent of watching a puppet show. Helping Toto the Puppy is the first installment of a storybook series designed to introduce new intriguing animal characters and interactive features in each new episode. Helping Toto the Puppy is the first project by Papa’s Frog, developer of well-made edutainment. Creating unforgettable memories for kids, through warm and sincere stories that dads can tell at bedtime - Papa’s Frog


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Version: 1.1

Size: 40.59 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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