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Hero Worship

iPad APP OF THE WEEK on Appolicious! http://www.appolicious.com/articles/5012-hero-worship-tops-ipad-apps-of-the-week When a group of kids discover ...

Discontinued App


iPad APP OF THE WEEK on Appolicious! http://www.appolicious.com/articles/5012-hero-worship-tops-ipad-apps-of-the-week When a group of kids discover what power they have, they decide to change the world—but first they must discover which world it is. HERO WORSHIP is a novel. A new chapter is released about every six weeks. The app is free. Soon, additional content will be available via in-app purchase. May 21 -- Chapters 3 and 4 are both nearly done! You should be reading them a few weeks. This is a Post Book app. Post Book is a socially networked e-reader that's much more than a book. From within the app, you can publish to other readers through Facebook, or simply read comments made by the author, your friends, and others. Inspired by author readings and the history of marginalia, Post Book drives conversations that are lively, engaging, and to the point. Post Book is beautiful and easy to read. It allows for new ways of storytelling while honoring the long tradition of bookmaking. It lets you publish insights you're dying to share with the author, your friends, the world. And it embraces everything that's great about social networking while keeping your reading experience clean. Post Book supports photos, events, links, and other types of Facebook posts. The author mediates the conversation, choosing which posts to promote. A post can even be assigned to appear on a specific page, at the author's discretion. Some features: • A new, great, simple way to read a book, with pages printed side by side in a long scroll. • Touch anywhere along the top edge to flash a scroll bar to see where you are in the book. Drag a finger along the top to jump to another location or to scroll quickly through many pages. • While reading, touch the word balloon in the upper-right to show all the posts in a chapter, from the author's most recent updates to the most liked posts by your friends and the author's pick of posts by strangers from around the world. • Some posts appear in tabs along the bottom edge of the book, glued to specific pages by the author (and, coming soon, as assigned by readers, too). Don't like seeing notes from your friends while you're reading a book? Touch anywhere along the bottom of any page and the in-line posts slide away out of view. If you want them, touch again and they slide back up, though never as more than discrete tabs. Touch a tab to reveal the whole post and its comments. • Touch the plus-sign in the upper right to make your own Facebook post from within the app. You can also comment on other posts and mark them as liked. In order to participate in the conversation, you have to "like" the book's page on Facebook. You can do this within the app from the book's cover page, or see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hero-Worship/123569261023177 for Hero Worship's Facebook page. • See an upcoming event that you like? Maybe the date for the release of the next chapter, or a book club near your school that's reading the book? Post Book can remind you. • iPad only at the moment, sorry. iPhone to come. Interact with authors and make friends with a social book, Post Book. ----- Thanks for reading! Your comments are appreciated. More updates to come.


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Version: 1.03

Size: 2.2 MB


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Developed by radiofree.net

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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