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HiBaby Diary is the first App that allows writing and printing the multimedia diary of your baby's first year. Memories you and your family will keep ...

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HiBaby Diary is the first App that allows writing and printing the multimedia diary of your baby's first year. Memories you and your family will keep forever. HiBaby Diary is a perfectly web-integrated system for iPhone and iPad that lets you share reading and writing the most important moments of your baby’s first year of life with your family and friends, in real time: text, pictures, video. Once completed the diary can be printed too in a big luxury customized book available with a choice of bindings. An internet connection is required. Here’s a list of the activities you can record and collect: - Breast feeds - Bottle feeds - Changing diapers - Feeding solid foods - Sleeping - Weight - Length - Medical visits - Important achievements in your baby’s progress - Appointments for your agenda - Photos - Videos - Your written notes With the "Add a Friend" feature, you can also selectively invite your nearest and dearest to read and write on your baby’s diary – also, if they do not have an iPhone or iPad on the private login area at www.hibaby.biz. Each individual activity can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and by Email, with one click. Moreover, you will have unlimited access to practical advice, medical information and special tips for new parents written by our Team of Pediatricians during every month of your baby’s new life. Frequently Asked Questions (excerpt): - How do I invite someone to read or write my Baby’s Diary? Easy. In the Dashboard screen, click on the green “Add a friend” button: you will be asked Name, Email and if you will allow your friend to write also. Your friend will receive an email invitation from HiBaby on your behalf. Remember you can uninvite a friend at any moment. -How and When can I print my multimedia diary? Anytime access your private page at www.hibaby.biz, select the diary you wish to print and hit the “Print” button: follow the easy instruction to select pictures and bindings, check a pdf preview and finalize your order online - an express courier will deliver straight to your home. Read all FAQs: http://www.hibaby.biz/en/FAQ HiBaby stores your Diary safely, does not tranfer any personal data to third parties for their commercial use, respecting the highest Privacy Policy Standards. http://www.hibaby.biz/en/privacy General Service Conditions http://www.hibaby.biz/en/general-service-conditions-hibaby-srl


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