「HiLearning电子书包学习系统」以TEAM model概念为架构,提供完整的教学与学习历程服务,其包含课堂教学服务(e-Teaching)、评量服务(e-assEssing)、诊断服务(e-diAgnosing)、补救教学服务(e-reMediation)四大系统,为全新的教学科技服务,HiLearning可提升学生的学习成效,在使用上如同学生的学习同伴。 注意:HiLearning为HiTeach智慧教室中学生端的运作平台,整体运作须在老师计算机端安装HiTeach ...

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「HiLearning电子书包学习系统」以TEAM model概念为架构,提供完整的教学与学习历程服务,其包含课堂教学服务(e-Teaching)、评量服务(e-assEssing)、诊断服务(e-diAgnosing)、补救教学服务(e-reMediation)四大系统,为全新的教学科技服务,HiLearning可提升学生的学习成效,在使用上如同学生的学习同伴。 注意:HiLearning为HiTeach智慧教室中学生端的运作平台,整体运作须在老师计算机端安装HiTeach Pro系统,并搭配具完善无线网络环境的智慧教室。 主要功能: 课件档案推送、作业递交、实时评量、飞讯功能、多功能工具栏等。 HiLearning is based on the TEAM model that provides complete services for teaching and learning process. The TEAM model is a brand new instructional technology service, including four sub-systems: e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation. Student-tablet is a major learning tool in the 21st century 1:1 educational computing environment. HiLearning increases the interaction between teachers and students, and also enhances students’ learning. In other words, it will act as a learning companion. Attention: HiLearning for iPad is a student side app in HiTeach smarter classroom solution. It should work with teacher's computer installed HiTeach Pro software under proper WiFi setting digital classroom. Main Functions: - Note in Page, supports various contents including sketch, text, photos, shapes etc - Submit note pages to teacher - Receive IWB pages from teacher - Response to multiple choice question/survey - Send messages to teacher


Technical specifications

Version: 1.8.4

Size: 1.54 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Habook Information Technology Inc.

Day of release: 2013-05-10

Recommended age: 4+

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