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Hifz Quran Surahs

Currently following 13 Surahs are part of this app *Ya-Sin *Al-Inshirah *Al-Tin *Al-Qadr *Al-Takathur *Al-'Asr *Al-Fil *Al-Quraish *Al-Kawthar *Al-Kafirun *Al-Ikhlas *Al-Falaq *An-Nas Being ...

Discontinued App


Currently following 13 Surahs are part of this app *Ya-Sin *Al-Inshirah *Al-Tin *Al-Qadr *Al-Takathur *Al-'Asr *Al-Fil *Al-Quraish *Al-Kawthar *Al-Kafirun *Al-Ikhlas *Al-Falaq *An-Nas Being muslim it's our obligation to Hifz (learn by heart) as many Quran's Surah as possible. The easiest way to hifz surah is to listen each Ayat (verse) again and again without interruption. This application uses this technique to allow you to learn any surah with in hours. "Hifz Quran Surahs" shows each surah in single ayat format. And has clear and authentic Qirat (sound) of each ayat so that you can learn easily. At anytime during play you can change, number of times a ayat should play, gap between repetition and volume. You can jump to any ayat without stoping. Taping current surah will open list of all available surahs. To change ayat scroll in desire direction or tap current surah to show list of ayats. Features: * Ayat by ayat qirat of each surah * Change number of times a surah should repeat * Change time between repetition * Play in loop * Can jump to any ayat without stopping * Simple and user friendly interface


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