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Take the routine and tedium out of marking papers by using “High Marks,” an app that enables touch-screen OR voice-command grading. How does it ...

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Take the routine and tedium out of marking papers by using “High Marks,” an app that enables touch-screen OR voice-command grading. How does it work? 1.The student emails the prof an essay or other writing assignment. 2.The prof, while visiting a favorite café or other quiet spot, opens the student’s file and pastes it into “High Marks.” 3.The prof quickly marks the text by touching the screen where she wishes to make comments. The prof can choose from over three dozen of the most common reader comments (e.g., “fragment,” “comma splice,” “good point,” “source?”) or make custom comments up to 256 characters. The software operates by voice command or fingertipâ€â€no writing! 4.The prof has the option of assigning a letter or numerical grade and writing a summative note to the student. 5.The prof taps the “send” button and returns the marked and graded essay to the student’s email address. How much time does it save? It depends on the quality of the paper. “A” papers, as every instructor knows, are pretty easy to grade since they require relatively little marking. Most of the instructor’s time is happily spent commenting on substantive issues. But as you approach the middle of the bell curve, where the Bs, Cs, and Ds, reside, “High Marks” can cut your grading time in half. Find yourself writing the same comment again and again? With “High Marks,” you don’t write any commentsâ€â€just tap and talk. Or tap and tap. Either way, the tedium disappears. Features •Paste text into the app from any document. •Store documents in the app and select them on demand. •Sort documents by assignment type. •Make routine comments with the touch of a finger or by vocal command. •Make custom comments up to 256 characters. •Comments will be stored alongside the text of the document itself for future reference and distribution. •After grading, documents are automatically saved and ready to be returned to students. •Upon completion, the document will be saved as a standalone, commented, distributable digital copy. •Make general comments on the student’s work and assign numerical and/or letter grades. •Return assignments with the tap of a button. “HighMarks” incorporates the CMU Pocketsphinx library, the CMU Flite library, MIT’s MITLM library, and Politepix’s OpenEars” for voice recognition.


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