Discontinued App


"Hired in 30 seconds" Hirred, is a world's first all video powered social network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and ...

Discontinued App


"Hired in 30 seconds" Hirred, is a world's first all video powered social network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews, from running an errand to running a company no job is too small or too big, letting anyone hire or get hired anytime any place in 30 seconds or less, crowdsourcing and collaborative curation of jobs enabling all of us to be recruiters for our friends and family, building a strong community based on work ethics, trust and professional expertise. 1. Worlds first and fastest all video, social employment platform, hire or get hired anytime, anyplace with a simple 30 second video. Chat, share or post videos pitches and calls with ease and as many as you like. 2. Employers simply post a 30 second video clip "call" stating your requirement for a short term service "gigs" and full time employment "jobs', the applicants can see the calls and reply, one can choose and hire accordingly. 3. Search for potential candidate, or job via Hirred stream featuring real time location search with various filters and categories, further refine your search with speciality sections like "rising stars' and 'live". 4. Have full privacy controls share and see only what you want and with whom you want. 5. No more waiting and staring at the progress bar , video pitches, messages, and calls are sent and delivered instantly. 6. Connect with potential candidates, employers , workers, check out their portfolio, profile videos, linked websites and Send private video messages. 7. Don't leave your friends, colleagues, professional connections, out of the loop , have group video chats, all chats are saved by default, can be shared , liked or kept private. 8. Network with ease and like a pro create as many loops as you like, share them with friends to grow your network along with the freedom to keep them public or private. 9. Who says Multitasking is tiresome let's do the heavy lifting for you with one tap video sharing , chatting and broadcasting with Hirred's fully automated setting options. 10. Inspire get inspired, build a reputation and long lasting portfolio with posting in Hirred stream and let people follow you to have constant access to your ever refreshing updates. Let your friends know what you up to in more personal and engaging way with our Video status update with text. 11. Never miss a beat...keep pace with the ever-changing services and expertise around you with real time location search, find and hire the best anytime , anyplace. 12. Keep your private stuff safe from prying eyes with lock feature for your chats, loops, posts. 13. Never lose an achievement, a breakthrough, appreciation for a job well done ever again, we will save all the videos you have shared and received forever and you can access it any time conveniently. All this awesomeness absolutely free for anyone to use with infinite cloud storage. Still not sure, take it for a spin with our Guest user access before diving in. More awesomeness coming soon...Stay Tuned.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 22.62 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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