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(This Free Login version is for subscribers to examstutor.com / A Paid version is also available in your app store) Starting with 250 unique multiple-choice ...

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(This Free Login version is for subscribers to examstutor.com / A Paid version is also available in your app store) Starting with 250 unique multiple-choice test questions, History Examstutor is a new A Level History exam revision app. Instant feedback for each question helps you identifying the correct response to questions you answer incorrectly. Reinforcing your understanding of key topics you may be examined on at A Level. EXAMSTUTOR SUBSCRIBER VERSION: This version of the app is intended for use by subscribers to examstutor.com, and is initially set to demonstration mode, it can be fully unlocked by entering your examstutor login details. PAID VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE IN STORE: A paid version of this app is available separately in the App Store if you do not have an individual or school subscription to examstutor.com Combined with the facility to link to further revision support on examstutor.com used by leading schools and colleges across the UK, this app will be updated with additional topic tests and questions throughout your studies. Exam Board Revision Pathways, map key topics in your AS and A2 History Exams. Revise a specific Topic, or create Random Tests, with questions drawn from all key topics in a specific Unit, or from across the entire question bank. A level History is an advanced qualification studied by UK and international students prior to attending University. This app can be used by anyone wishing to develop their appreciation of History. Features include: · Topic Tests: Covering a number of examined topics · Random Tests: Choose the number of questions randomly drawn from either the entire question bank or the unit you are currently revising. · Instant Feedback : Correct Answers identified if you get a question wrong, reinforcing learning. · Revision Pathways : Exam Board mapping · Report Card : tracking your performance in all the tests you take, whilst charting your understanding of each topic prior to you sitting exams. Topics currently considered: · British Tudors - Edward VI, Elizabeth I, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor · European 20th Century - Germany, Russian Revolution, Stalin · World 20th Century - Cold War, League of Nations, Second World War - New Topics and Tests will be added throughout the year, and we welcome suggestions and requests from students. Exam Boards mapped include: · AQA · OCR · Edexcel Copyright (c) Examstutor Limited 2012


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