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History of a city: New York

History of a city: New York is a free sample version of History of a City, the richest and most comprehensive guide to the history of New York. Tailored ...

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History of a city: New York is a free sample version of History of a City, the richest and most comprehensive guide to the history of New York. Tailored to both tourists and New Yorkers with a passion for history the full app delivers: - 400+ Historic sights, architecture, facts, neighborhoods, old stores, taverns - 700+ current and historic photographs - The equivalent of 550 pages of searchable content including historical background from the prehistoric era to today - 14 hours of Audio - 10+ unique functions: GPS Walk-by notification, History Timeline, Social network sharing, Add your own sights, etc. - Easy to navigate Settings, and Map screen View our Demo on www.historyofacity.com Unique features - FULLY UPLOADED CONTENT: to avoid repeated and lengthy individual upload of data in front of every point of interest you encounter. - SETTINGS: You select the historic time period and sights you are interested in. - PROXIMITY ALERT: determine how and at what distance you want to be alerted of a nearby sight. - TIMELINE: Like in a time machine, experience all the historic sights and events around you in a timeline. - USER AUGMENTED CONTENT: Send us your recommendations with one easy click to be included in future updates shared with our community of history aficionados. - MISSED: Did you miss a point of Interest you walked by? History of a City will record points of interest you missed for later review. - SEARCH: Search through our growing database for locations, names, sights of particular interest to you. - NEIGHBORHOODS: find out in which neighborhood you are with our unique “Neighborhood” feature and discover the history of each area of the city. - READ: read and enjoy for every sight a detailed and clear description. - LISTEN: listen to the voice of our narrator guiding you through the City’s rich history. - SHARE ON E-MAIL OR FACEBOOK: Do you think that a particular point of interest might be of interest to a friend? Send it by e-mail or post it on your Facebook page. Download History of a city LITE to get a taster for how this unique application works. Get a feel for its incredible content, its intuitive design and the unique features it includes. The free version of History of a City LITE allows you to navigate and discover a limited number of sights and points of interest located at the southern tip of the island of Manhattan. Upgrade to the complete version of History of a City to include the full description of all 400+ points of interest, 700+ current and historic pictures, 14 hours of audio and all historic time periods descriptions and neighborhoods. Become a member of our history travelers’ community and receive regular upgrades with new sights and programs. Note: Starting from the tip of Manhattan and growing north towards Harlem, soon to reach Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, the unique content featured in History of a City is growing also thanks to the intelligent and insightful support and recommendations of all our users and history fans. Send us your favorite historic corner, building or sight in the City or simply your suggestions to improve the app.


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