Discontinued App


*** HobbNobb is the #1 networking assistant. Try it now! *** Reviews of HobbNobb: ............ "With HobbNobb you will take the first step to make a ...

Discontinued App


*** HobbNobb is the #1 networking assistant. Try it now! *** Reviews of HobbNobb: ............ "With HobbNobb you will take the first step to make a better and long lasting relation with your contacts." - iPhoneFootPrint.com ............ "Show Your Friends You Care With HobbNobb" -iPhoneHeadLines.com What is HobbNobb?: We know you've said it: "I wish I hadn't waited so long to reach out to that person!"...could be a distant cousin, long lost friend, old co-worker/boss, etc. If we're right then HobbNobb is for you! The App gathers up your friends, family, and professional contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and your Address Book and reminds you to keep in touch with the valuable connections you have spent your life building! HobbNobb is your personal relationship, social PR, and professional networking assistant! HobbNobb is NOT a new social network or address book application…it works on TOP of your social networks and address book to make sense and use of them. The App consolidates your connections (from Linkedin, Facebook, and your iPhone Address Book) and generates a weekly 'smart list' of people to connect…or should we say…et hum…"HobbNobb" with. - The App applies our proprietary algorithm to your connections and generates a list of people to HobbNobb with on a weekly basis.
 - You select the day & time you want your new weekly list (if you're a late night email writer, early morning caller, etc...we have you covered).
 - Easily call, text, or link socially to people on your weekly list from directly within the App.
 - The App makes it easy to add notes about your interactions with people in your networks as you HobbNobb on a weekly basis. 
- The App grows as your connections grow. We make it easy to stay synced with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Apple Address Book…keeping your connections up-to-date!

 - HobbNobb is safe and secure. Your data and information will never be resold or stored in the cloud. Everything happens and is stored right on your phone! Plus, HobbNobb is smart...as smart as you want it to be :-)

 You probably want to stay in touch more frequently with some people than others. Therefore, you are 'casual' with some, 'aggressive' with others, and in between you network 'moderately'. In the App you can easily classify individual contacts into any of those three categories (aggressive, moderate, or casual). Furthermore, to some people, being 'aggressive' means keeping up with someone every month…for others it's every two months. In Settings you can define the three categories (when you first installed the App and synced with Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or your Apple Address Book we defaulted everyone to ‘moderate’). How smart is that?!

 Also, there are probably entries in your address book or networks that you do not HobbNobb with at all (like your dry cleaner, cable provider, bank, favorite band, companies, etc.). These can be deleted from your HobbNobb easily without affecting the original source. We offer lots of support on our website: http://www.hobbnobb.com/support/ 

Your comments WILL be answered and we really appreciate your feedback as we look to improve and expand the usefulness of HobbNobb! Want to find out how to HobbNobb even more? - Check out our Website and Contact Us page: http://www.hobbnobb.com    - Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hobbnobbing  - Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hobbnobbnetwork Happy HobbNobbing!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 3.65 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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