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Hohner Cajun SqueezeBox

Hohner announces the introduction of an amazing new app for the iPad: The Hohner Cajun SqueezeBox. Exactly matching the layout of Hohner's new Cajun ...

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Hohner announces the introduction of an amazing new app for the iPad: The Hohner Cajun SqueezeBox. Exactly matching the layout of Hohner's new Cajun IV diatonic accordion in the key of C, this intuitive virtual accordion app feature a super responsive, one-row fingerboard that plays and sounds like the traditional instrument. Both the treble and bass/chord sides of the instrument are emulated. (A first for the SqueezeBox apps!) The Hohner Cajun SqueezeBox allows musicians to practice chord combinations, scales, and songs on-the-go. Headphones can be used for private practice, or the audio output of the virtual accordion can be amplified by plugging into computer speakers, or other sound enhancing devices. With the touch of a button, the tonality can be changed from a "Dry" three-reeds-per-note (LMH) sound to a "Wet" four-reeds-per-note (LMMH) sound. To play, simply touch the buttons. This type of accordion plays different notes on the push or pull of the bellows. To switch between bellows push and pull, just touch anywhere in bellows or bass side. Touch to switch to push notes, lift to switch to pull notes. When playing the bass-side buttons, you can touch between the buttons to operate the bellows. Touch the '?' icon to show the note names for each button. Touch the 'i' icon to show the instructions page. Switch on the Reverb for a big space filling sound! Switch it off if you want to run the app through your own external effects. This app is ideal for the beginning student or professional musician who needs a simple carry-on companion to compliment his or her actual accordion. While not meant to be a replacement for a real accordion, the app is a convenient and easy tool for practicing, learning, or teaching. Q: I'm not hearing any sound, help! A: Make sure that the mute switch on your device is turned off. In the iPad "Settings" app, you can select between orientation lock or mute for the switch on the device. If you've set the iPad for orientation lock on the switch, then the mute is on the far left side of the task bar, double click the home button and then slide the task bar all the way to the left. Q: When I put four fingers on the screen, the sound stops. A: You must disable "Multitasking Gestures" in the iPad Settings to use many of my iPad apps. Apple's gestures take over the iPad operations once three fingers are on the screen, so you need to disable them. USA reviewer Ikikijuhuhty, the Wet/Dry switch is working correctly. Please try turning off the reverb to more clearly hear the difference between the LMMH and LMH reed sets. The "Wet" LMMH setting sounds exactly like the real Cajun IV with all four reeds turned on. It's more of a musette than an extremely wet sound.


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Version: 3.1

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