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Hokseh Chinese Flashcards

“Hokseh” is a romanized Cantonese pronunciation of “學寫” (Simplified: 学写), which means, roughly, “learn to write”. Hokseh is ...

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“Hokseh” is a romanized Cantonese pronunciation of “學寫” (Simplified: 学写), which means, roughly, “learn to write”. Hokseh is the ideal Chinese character writing app for students, teachers, study groups, business people and travelers to China. Practice your Pinyin (phonetics) and your character writing with Hokseh. Use the web interface to build new dictionary entries and flashcard sets that can be stored on your device. (You’ll never have to buy index cards again!) The app uses 2 main study modes, SCRIPT and PINYIN. In SCRIPT mode, you are given a pinyin and its definition and asked to draw the character(s). Once done, you can easily click on the Answer button to reveal the characters as a transparency over your writing to see how close you match the correct characters. This makes it easier than ever to learn new characters and with practice, you’ll soon be able to write the character without any help. In PINYIN mode, you are shown a Chinese phrase, given its definition and asked to input the correct pinyin. Again, you can reveal the answer with a quick touch of a button, to build your pronunciation vocabulary. There is also a SETTINGS menu, to select flashcard sets that you want to focus on, making Hokseh an invaluable complement to your textbooks and language tapes. The HELP mode gives comprehensive information about the app as you go, making the experience of learning fun and evenly paced. Hokseh comes preinstalled with over 3000 of the most common words from the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test. As you progress, you can create your own flashcard sets to tailor your practice sessions to the vocabulary that you want to practice the most!


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