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“Home Budget Solution for Managing your Expenditure” “App Leads to Plan your Funds” ____________ Version 1.1 ____________ Didn`t figure ...

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“Home Budget Solution for Managing your Expenditure” “App Leads to Plan your Funds” ____________ Version 1.1 ____________ Didn’t figure out where your salary is going at the end of the month? Unable to Trace the Records? However it is bit Difficult for Everyone to Remember the Transactions, Accounts, Payees list now a days. Right? Exatcly! In order to get rid of these tensions and to maintain a neat record and track of your daily expenditure and to plan your budget for the rest of the month we have made this application with huge efforts! Application contains a clear and understandable format Menu for easy to manage Financial stuffing, with enough and requisite fields created for furnishing extra details also. Start from anywhere from the application which has individual Fund Categories interlinked to view the overall operations (overview) of costs spent on items, things etc. Menu contains the following items: INCOME! EXPENSES! ACCOUNTS! BILLS! BUDGETS! PAYMENTS! A lot of sub-options list is included to applicable entry! Easy to add details & Save! Prompts for the right category if information for which is not available or needed! One can add Multiple Accounts in one Application! Cancel if any errors while typing the Text!


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Version: 1.1

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