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Honda Tuner is the dedicated magazine for all Honda owners and enthusiasts. Each issue is packed full of the world’s best Honda feature cars from UK and ...

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Honda Tuner is the dedicated magazine for all Honda owners and enthusiasts. Each issue is packed full of the world’s best Honda feature cars from UK and Around The World with dedicated International content as well as both road and race cars. Each issue also includes all the most up to date information on Products, News, Motor Sport and Events from all around the world. From the most cutting edge performance parts to breaking news within the Motor Sport scene we have it covered! Each issue also includes Technical and Informative Articles to help you get the best from your Honda as well as Reader’s Cars and Tuner Profiles to keep you inspired in all things Honda Tuner.---------------------------------This is a free app download. Within the app users can purchase the current issue and back issues.Subscriptions are also available within the application. A subscription will start from the latest issue.Available subscriptions are:12 months (6 Issues)-The subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled more than 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the current subscription rate for the product.-You may turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions through Google Play Account settings, however you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period.Users can register for/ login to a pocketmags account in-app. This will protect their issues in the case of a lost device and allow browsing of purchases on multiple platforms. Existing pocketmags users can retrieve their purchases by logging into their account.We recommend loading the app for the first time in a wi-fi area.If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to contact us:


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Honda Element D - IGN

When the definitive book on 20th Century automotive culture is written, the last few chapters will undeniably belong to Honda. Though a few die-hard old-school Toyota guys will try tell you otherwise, Honda's Civic single-handedly created the "tuner" scene. For the last half of the 1990s, modded Civics were everywhere. The little Japanese car's popularity grew so much, the aftermarket for the Civic alone rivaled that of the then-30-year-old Mustang.

History of the Civic Si - IGN

Honda's Civic Si has come back from the dead and is poised to reclaim its throne as the king of all sport compacts. Everyone that has taken the latest hopped-up Civic for a spin agrees that it is one of the best and sportiest cars that Honda has ever built. If you read our review of the car (and shame on you if you haven't), you'd know that we whole-heartedly agree.

Mugen Civic Si - IGN

Honda's Civic is on its way to reclaiming its title as the ultimate JDM-approved car. The "H" will be offering its first-ever Civic Si Sedan with aftermarket parts sourced from the holiest of holy JDM Honda tuners - Mugen. That's right, you will be able to walk into your Honda dealer and pick up a Mugen-equipped Civic Si sedan for less than $30K.

Tuners cars vs Muscles cars vs Exotics cars - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

I chose tuners, but that's not because I think tuning an accord or ... smoked by a rinky-dinky Honda some kid spent five thousand dollars on.

Mugen TSX - IGN

With Hondas, there is only one premium aftermarket brand. This brand can never make a Honda look bad, and it is considered the pinnacle of Honda tuning. Of course, we are once again talking about Mugen. We love Mugen. We would marry Mugen if we could, but there are laws preventing a man from marrying an inanimate corporation. Believe us, we tried to look for loopholes, but to no avail. Oh well, if we couldn't marry the premier Honda tuner, we got to experience the next best thing.

Honda Element SC Prototype - IGN

Honda's Element was designed to be a funky box capable of attracting the young and hip Gen-X set. However, as we all know, the funky box that captured the hearts and minds of America's youth turned out to be the Scion xB. That said, the Element wasn't (and still isn't) considered a failure. Honda's box is selling pretty well -- to customers in their 50's.

Tuner cars vs Muscle cars vs Hot Hatch vs Seaden Muscle vs Super Sports Car. - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

... like the best? Tuner, Muscle, Hot Hatch, Seaden Muscle or Super Sports car. ... mouthforbathory. A honda is not a tuner... it is a **** honda.

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