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司馬斤之地區。 本程式æ 援: 1. 公斤; 英制磅,安士; ...

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司馬斤之地區。 本程式æ 援: 1. 公斤; 英制磅,安士; 中國司馬斤,å…©,錢,æ‹…; 台斤; 中國大陸市斤之互換計ç®— 2. 計ç®—每單位之價錢。 免責聲明:本程式不聲明或保證其內容之正確性或可靠性。並ä¸â€,對於閣下透過本ç•品取得之任何資訊或資料,本公司亦不負品質保證之責任。 This is a convertor for people easily to convert between the different mass units such as pound, ounce, traditional Chinese catty which is widely using in Hong Kong and kg, g. And this convertor can help you to calculate how much of 1 kg goods equal to the price of 1 other units. The program support: 1. kg, gram, Imperial pound, ounce, Traditional Chinese Catty System(picul, catty, tael, mace), Catty system in Mainland China, Catty system in Taiwan 2. support per unit price calculation. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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