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Hong Kong Science Park for iPad

香港科技園公司以創新及科技發展, 為香港、內地以至全世界增值,帶來裨益。我們透過提供設施、服務及充滿活力的環境,造就公司孕育意念、創新及發展, ...

Discontinued App


香港科技園公司以創新及科技發展, 為香港、內地以至全世界增值,帶來裨益。我們透過提供設施、服務及充滿活力的環境,造就公司孕育意念、創新及發展, 從而推動香港於重點科技領域上成為世界級çš„科技樞紐。藉著這個應ç
程式,為我們çš„訪客和公眾提供本園詳盡çš„遊覽資訊。 The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Corporation transfers innovation and technological advancement into value creation that benefits Hong Kong, Mainland - and the world. In propelling Hong Kong towards a world-class hub for selected technologies, we provide facilities, services and a dynamic environment that enable companies to nurture ideas, innovate and develop. This app presents the informative elements for the visitors and the public for navigation through the park.


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