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Hours TimeTracker

Hours is an easy and intuitive time and expense tracking application for iPhone. Manage your Clients, Projects, Tasks, track Time and Expenses, export ...

Discontinued App


Hours is an easy and intuitive time and expense tracking application for iPhone. Manage your Clients, Projects, Tasks, track Time and Expenses, export data using Reports, all on-the-go with Hours. *** Hours is simply the best application for time and expense tracking that has been made for iOS. But, you don't have to take our word for it. Free version of Hours (Hours - Lite) is available in the app store. Hours Lite is a fully featured version (restricts to 3 Clients and 6 Projects and unlimited access to all other features.) *** FEATURES Time Tracking: - One tap time tracking from the main dashboard. Hours will help ensure that any billable hour doesn't go unaccounted. - Track time against multiple Clients, Projects and Tasks. Tag entries to identify and track similar kind of entries across Clients / Projects. - Tracking in real-time using Single / Multiple Timers - Edit running timers without stopping the timer. - Round off to configured minute interval for billing purposes. - Enter time manually by filling in Start Time, End Time or just the Duration. Track Expenses: - Whether you're at work or in transit, enter an expense at any time using Hours’s simple, easy to use interface. - Track expenses against Clients, Projects. - Define Expense Categories for common expenses to quickly fill in expense details automatically. Billable Rates, Discounts & Taxes - Define global hourly rates, discount rates in Settings or set different rates per Client - Define Tax rates in Settings. Simple and compound tax schemes possible. - Setings options to enable/disable billing features. Reports - Use comprehensive suite of inbuilt reports or create a custom reports to get the fine contorl on the data exported. - Filter Reports: - Filter On date range: day, week, month, year - Filter On custom dates - Filter on status: Unbilled, Overdue, Unfiled entries - Generate consolidated reports for all Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags or generate reports per Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags - Export the data in CSV format Elegant User Interface - Simple and Elegant Design - Elegantly designed dashboard for a single screen, single tap access to all features that you would need on daily basis. - Filter data, archive old data for clutter free views, for better organization and for readability. View only what you are interested in. - Data Filter: - Filter data based on status. - Filter data based on date range: day, week, month, year - Calendar to quickly and easily glance through volumes of data Help & FAQ - There's no fat manual you'll have to read just to use Hours. But just in case, detailed FAQs and a 'Getting Started guide' is built right into the app.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.7

Size: 17.54 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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