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How To Landscape

Have you ever wondered how to landscape your yard into a beautiful and relaxing place? Do you want to become a “master gardener” and have your yard ...

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Have you ever wondered how to landscape your yard into a beautiful and relaxing place? Do you want to become a “master gardener” and have your yard always look like you hired a professional landscaper? And wouldn't it be great to have the yard you really want in just a few simple and easy to follow steps? Well, you can with the Instant Experts App “Landscaping”. It's a simple, yet incredibly effective three step process to quickly and easy learn a new skill, almost “matrix-download”style: (1) Watch a Video, (2) Take a Quiz and (3) Become an Instant Expert! There are six categories that will take you from someone who couldn't keep a plant alive to the owner of an amazing yard. By watching videos that are created by experts and then immediately taking a quiz, you are going to retain the information quicker and more effectively. You can also post your quiz results right to Twitter with the click of a single button! This app has tons of helpful hints, tricks and tips to make you a better gardener and landscaper. In fact, when you download this app you can take it with you right into your garden and follow the techniques directly from the experts. This app takes you from the planning and preparation stage, through the steps of how to get your garden going and even takes you through the maintenance and care of your new yard or garden. Inside this App You Will Learn How To... Design your lawn and garden for a small yard Create a lawn around a flower garden Prune your tree so that it will stay alive and healthy Mow your lawn like a professional landscaper The three main tools you need to prune your trees properly Edge any lawn in minutes Maintain your lawn the “right” way The best blades to use when mowing a wet lawn Make your lawn look like a fresh-cut golf course Plant a garden hedge Make a perfect cut when pruning a tree in your yard Get perfectly straight hedges when pruning Use summitry when designing a garden Determine the best place to put a raised garden bed Inside this App You'll Also Learn Why... You should put tall plants one place and short plants in another It's important to put your garden close to the kitchen door A raised garden bed will stop disease in your garden Different plants require different staking and what's the best to use for the plants you are putting in your garden Certain tools work better depending on the soil you have Over-watering your plants can kill them Having too many plant can destroy your garden The acid in your soil can greatly affect how your plants grow And a lot more... These videos, carefully assembled and specifically ordered, give you the step-by-step directions you need to landscape your yard. If you take the quiz immediately after you watch the video, it's scientifically proven that you will retain information better. Download this App today and start the garden you always wanted.


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