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=========== APP in Brief 簡介 =========== The “English Ready Hsinchu APP” collects 144 English Service Hot Spots in the Hsinchu County, Taiwan. ...

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=========== APP in Brief 簡介 =========== The “English Ready Hsinchu APP” collects 144 English Service Hot Spots in the Hsinchu County, Taiwan. The services are organized in four categories: shopping, medical service, accommodation & catering, tourism and leisure. For tourists from foreign countries, you could easily find detailed store information about the business hour, address, telephone number, introduction and etc. We also designed APP functions such as the location map, navigation and street view to help you easily find out where you want to explore. From 2/24 - 3/10/2013, “Taiwan Lantern Festival” will take place in Hsinchu County. This APP will definitely be your best tour guide to join this annual mega event in Taiwan. Bon voyage and have fun! 「竹縣英語通。ENGLISH READY HSINCHU APP」提ä¾›144個新竹縣英語服務標章優質店家(2011â 2012年度)豐富實ç
手機çš„GPS定位與圖層選擇功能,方便民眾與外國朋友快速找到離自己最近çš„店家和服務。2013年臺灣一年一度çš„盛事「臺灣燈會(2013.02.24~03.10)即將在新竹縣舉行,「竹光盛宴」玩透透,您絕對不能錯過「竹縣英語通」。 關鍵字â KEYWORD:Hsinchu County, English Service, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Tourist, Travel, Restaurant, Shopping, Hospital, Pharmacy, Foreigner, Michelin, delicacy, Friendly City, Smart City, NCTU, DCMSLab, SoohooBook新竹縣 臺灣燈會 台灣燈會 英語服務標ç«  餐廳 æ—…è¡Œ 觀光遊憩 住宿餐飲 購物消費 醫療服務 英文 外國人 幸福 智慧城市 友善環境 米其林 好書服 顧得 週休 觀光 飯店 旅館 火鍋 燒烤 美食 醫院 藥局 交大 國立交通大學 數位創意與行銷ç­–略實驗室 =========== Team 開發團隊 =========== Hinchu Couty Government, Taiwan, ROC Creative and Revolutionary Educational Alliance, Ministry of Education, Taiwan (CRE@TAIWAN) The Regional Integration Center of Smart Living Technology, National Science Council, Taiwan (Eco-City) Digital Creativity and Marketing Strategy Lab, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (DCMSLab@NCTU.Taiwan) Creative Network Solution Lab Co., Ltd., Taiwan Association of Smart Living Technology, Taiwan Good Service Consulting Co., Ltd., Taiwan Soohoo Book Co., Ltd., Taiwan 新竹縣æ‿府 è¡Œæ‿院ç â€Ã§©¶Ã§™¼å±•è€ƒæ ¸å§â€å“¡æœƒ 國科會智慧ç‟活科技區域整合中心國立交通大學健康樂活城 教育部顧問室智慧ç‟活文化創意ç•業整合創新跨校教學聯盟 國立交通大學數位創意與行銷ç­–略實驗室林崇偉教授DCMSLab 顧得服務股份有限公司 好書服文創事業有限公司 =========== Designer 設計 =========== Prof. Dr. Chong-Wey Lin Digital Creativity and Marketing Strategy Lab National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan ChongWeyLin@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/chongweylin


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