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Huang Yao 2013 Catalogue

Huang Yao Foundation`s 2013 Catalogue App for iPad Original artworks of Huang Yao`s Human Figures Collection available for purchase directly ...

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Huang Yao Foundation’s 2013 Catalogue App for iPad Original artworks of Huang Yao’s Human Figures Collection available for purchase directly from the Huang Yao Foundation. Features: - Free download of the APP - Watch videos of the artist’s life - Register your interest in buying - Track sale of paintings - Forward to your contacts These works have been selected for sale with an aim to raise funds for Huang Yao Foundation's [www.huangyao.org] operations as well as to fund initiatives such as further research, exhibitions and 3D IMAX animation. “Huang Yao did the collection of human figures that are presented for sale in this catalogue between the years of 1979 and 1980. Human figures featured from the beginning of his career to when he passed away. Although it is hard to part with these cherished memories of my Grandfather, I believe that he would be pleased at our goals for the Huang Yao Foundation and glad that his dreams are living on” (Carolyn Wong, Huang Yao’s granddaughter / Founder of Huang Yao Foundation, 2012). About the artist Huang Yao [1917 to 1987] was one of the last practitioners of the highly respected Chinese literati recluse tradition. He was a star in the 1930s when Chinese cartoons were at its peak, and a well-known patriotic artist during the national struggle against the Japanese invasion. Huang Yao’s mission in art was to practice the past, research the new and create long lasting fruits of culture offerings for people around the world to enjoy in times of peace and prosperity. In paintings, Huang Yao’s innovative works span across traditional Chinese categories, to more abstract works that rivalled his Western counterparts; all infused with his optimistic view of the world, and finished off with his unique ‘upside down’ calligraphy or chuyun shu (emerging from the clouds) that lends the air of a child’s high spiritedness and convey his passion for life. His calligraphic works also express a deep knowledge of Chinese philology, an area that he had spent years researching. Huang Yao had made huge contributions as an artist and an educator in his birthplace in Shanghai, and across China, and then in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. “When I paint human figures, I usually do it for the enjoyment in painting, not so much following the rigours of realism. I only want to paint my joy and sincerity. I hope the viewers of my paintings can also experience this same pleasure; anything else is unimportant” (Huang Yao, 1982). Set up in 2001 by Huang Yao's descendents, the foundation aims to: - Ensure Huang Yao’s rightful place in the Chinese art world; - Make available his artistic contributions to a new generation of artists; and - Generate funds for scholarships and talent development in cooperation with key institutions through licensing, merchandising and sale of his art. Get the app for iPad. Enjoy!


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