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Human Body Advanced Encyclopedia 3D Anatomy

Click "more" on your right to see a full description of this application on iTuneStore.... Human Body Advanced Encyclopedia 3D Anatomy An amazing ...

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Click "more" on your right to see a full description of this application on iTuneStore.... Human Body Advanced Encyclopedia 3D Anatomy An amazing and wonderful structure composed with organism which contains over 10 trillion cells, the basic unit of life. (Human Body) On this application we talk about that and more, also we have included all the (14) full systems of the human body, showing them with complete and advanced information using lot of graphics 2D, extensive information and 3D animations too. THIS IS THE ADVANCED EDITION DIGITAL ENCYCLOPEDIA. Index study included : Advanced Version - Skeletal System - Muscular System - Nervous System - Endocrine System - Lymphatic System - Digestive System - Cardiovascular and circulatory System - Respiratory System - Urinary System - Excretory System - Sensory System - Inmune System - Intgumentary Sysrem - Reproductory System This is an extensive and complete encyclopedia of the 14 anatomical systems of the human body using 2D and 3D graphics inside - Included too The Five Senses of the Human Body - 3D organs to rotate with fingers 360 degrees - A section of radiology and radiographs. - THIS APPLICATIONS HAVE ALL 3D of: all skeleton full system in 3D all muscular full system in 3D and more.... Each full encyclopedia system body, five senses and radiograph section, has fingers controls on every page to slide the information from one side to another, to access and read the information comfortably, including text, graphics and valuable content (study) of every part of the systems human body Anatomy. On 3D organs section you have another system control to rotate in 360 degrees each organ of the human body and all skeletal system 3D and all muscular system 3D too. Every page inside the ENCYCLOPEDIA already have ZOOM IN/OUT butons to enlarge texts, graphics and all 3D organs. This is the Human Body 3D Anatomy ADVANCED EDITION visit our website to see more pictures and information about this special Medical Application. www.encyclopediasuite.com On this website you will find also more information about new applications that will be released in few days. Any comments or emails are always welcome. encyclopediasuite@gmail.com Human Body 3D Anatomy. Inc ENCYCLOPEDIA Advanced Edition For Spanish, french or Italian Version please take a look for all application by Nellvii just at the end of this text .


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