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Human Resources

This app covers the Human Resources topic, minus all the useless information. This app is for students who want to boost their marks in the exam, not ...

Discontinued App


This app covers the Human Resources topic, minus all the useless information. This app is for students who want to boost their marks in the exam, not their general knowledge. However, this is NOT A CHEAP FLASHCARD APP - everything is ACTUALLY EXPLAINED to you. The app focuses directly on the exam and how to MAXIMISE YOUR MARKS in the limited time available. Some of the FEATURES of the Human Resources Cram App include: HOURS OF VIDEOS: Each part of the topic is explained in a VISUAL LECTURE (check out the screenshots). Every video has been carefully constructed to help you study effectively. This is the SHORT VERSION of the topic, but it’s NOT OVER-SIMPLIFIED. ANIMATED GUIDES to complex HR issues: The app includes a step-by-step guide to the Fair Work system (explaining clearly the different types of contracts and how Fair Work Australia is involved in each part). There is also a guide to the Dispute Resolution Process, from Grievance Procedures through to the Involvement of Courts and Tribunals. THE SYLLABUS IS MADE SO MUCH CLEARER: The app uses a visual, colour-coded syllabus to guide you through each of the dot-points and to help you memorise the subheadings. Don’t be mistaken - memorising the syllabus is a key part of succeeding in the Business Studies exam and it has never been made easier than this. EVERYTHING IS SELF-CONTAINED: All the videos and guides are contained in the app itself - there are no links to external videos or sites, so you can study wherever you want without being worried about not having an internet connection. BUT IT’S NOT YOUR TEXTBOOK: Even though the app covers the main dot-points of the syllabus, it DOES NOT cover case studies or current business issues. For that, just go to our FREE CASE STUDIES FACEBOOK PAGE (facebook.com/HSCBusinessStudiesCramApps). VIDEOS INCLUDED (30 videos - 3 hours 28 minutes): 1. ROLE of HR management: a.The STRATEGIC ROLE of human resources b.INTERDEPENDENCE with the other KBFs c.OUTSOURCING 2. INFLUENCES on HR management a.STAKEHOLDERS affected by Human Resource management decisions b.CURRENT LEGAL FRAMEWORK i. The Employment Contract ii. WHS and Workers Compensation iii. Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity c.ECONOMIC influences d.TECHNOLOGICAL influences e.SOCIAL influences f.ETHICS and Corporate Social Responsibility 3. PROCESSES of HR Management a.ACQUISITION b.DEVELOPMENT c.MAINTENANCE d.SEPARATION 4. STRATEGIES in HR Management a.LEADERSHIP STYLE b.Job DESIGN c.RECRUITMENT d.TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT e.PERFORMANCE management f.REWARDS g.GLOBAL h.RESOLUTION OF WORKPLACE DISPUTES 5. EFFECTIVENESS of HR Management a.INDICATORS of effectiveness i. CORPORATE CULTURE ii. BENCHMARKING iii. Changes in STAFF TURNOVER iv. ABSENTEEISM v. ACCIDENTS vi. Level of DISPUTATION vii. Worker SATISFACTION PLUS, there’s the visual guide the Fair Work system AND the Dispute Resolution Process. There’s plenty here for every student to get something out of this app, even if it’s just a few extra marks. DISCLAIMER: This does not come from the Board of Studies. There is no guarantee of success here.


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