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Have you ever dreamed of playing the Hurdy-Gurdy ? "Play the Hurdy-Gurdy" let's you play the Hurdy-Gurdy by moving your iPhone and iPad. What you ...

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Have you ever dreamed of playing the Hurdy-Gurdy ? "Play the Hurdy-Gurdy" let's you play the Hurdy-Gurdy by moving your iPhone and iPad. What you can do: ************************** Remix "Ze Poza" ************************** > Multitrack view of the original song > Activate / deactivate stem tracks > Change stem tracks volume > Create and save your own mix > Export your own mix in mp3 > "Shake to mix": launches a random mix every time you shake your iPhone > Play/Pause/Repeat > Tell a friend ************************** Play the Hurdy-Gurdy ************************** There are 3 featured songs from Bidaia's last album, "Duo". Shake your iPhone and enjoy ! ************************** About Bidaia: Bidaia finds its origin in its creators, Mixel Ducau, a Basque composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist and Caroline Phillips, a Californian singer-songwriter and hurdy-gurdy player of Greek and Persian origin. Together, they have created music that is both Basque and universal, inspired by traditional melodies and dances yet enriched by world folklore. Bidaia's repertoire includes original compositions as well as traditional Basque songs sung in both Basque and English. They live on the French side of the Basque Country in the countryside. Lyrics and translations for "Ze Poza" ************************** About the Hurdy-Gurdy: A traditional hurdy-gurdy has 3 different kinds of strings: the drone string which plays a continuous note, like a bagpipe. The melody string that you play by pushing up a wooden key that pushes a wooden peg into the string to make the note. Then we have what is called a "trumpet" string which activates the buzzing bridge or DOG. When you turn the crank, the Dog makes a kind of "barking" sound which is probably why it's called the DOG. The hurdy-gurdy is the only instrument currently played that features this DOG percussion. The first hurdy-gurdy called the organistrum appeared about a thousand years ago in Bavaria and Spain and was played by two people. One to turn the crank and another to play the melody by pulling up large wooden pegs to play the melody. In fact, the hurdy-gurdy was the first instrument to feature a keyboard. Luckily, all of this changed about 300 years later so that now one person could play and actually carry it. The buzzing bridge was added in the 15th century. The Hurdy-Gurdy’s heyday was from the Renaissance to the 19th century when it was played by both kings and paupers for dance music because of the unique combination of melody and drone strings and the DOG (buzzing bridge). Many composers, like Mozart and Vivaldi wrote music for the hurdy-gurdy.


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