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Hypermedia Mobile Dialer is part of Hypermedia`s Mobile Network Access Solution eco-system. It is designed to be deployed only with the Hypermedia ...

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Hypermedia Mobile Dialer is part of Hypermedia’s Mobile Network Access Solution eco-system. It is designed to be deployed only with the Hypermedia HyperGateway platform and creates a comprehensive mobile solution for both the enterprise and the mobile user. HyperMobile enables mobile users to use the enterprise’s Unified Communication services regardless of their physical geographic location and or network in use (GSM/3G/WLAN). The use of HyperMobile brings: Cost-savings, Telecom expense management, cost control, and efficiency to the organization, while maintaining a simplified user-experience. The application offers seamless integration with the iPhone Phone Book, is password protected, and supports individual customization and management of CallBack & Call Through activity. It uses a set of tools like: smart least-cost routing (LCR) and several CallBack methods; Call, SMS, WEB. HyperMobile call cost-saving solution makes the most of office-based international and long distance call savings plans and any VPN low mobile-to-mobile call rates. It eliminates Fixed-to-Mobile interconnection costs and reduces GSM roaming charges and is ideal for cutting costs on daily communication expenses and overall corporate telephony expenditure, while leveraging existing business telephony infrastructure.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 820.55 KB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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