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I, Trixie who is Dog HD

★★ Winner of TillyWig Awards 2012 ★★ Not everyone can be a dog. Some must be people. Some must be cats, or birds, or even skunks, although it's hard ...

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★★ Winner of TillyWig Awards 2012 ★★ Not everyone can be a dog. Some must be people. Some must be cats, or birds, or even skunks, although it's hard to explain why anyone would want to be a skunk. But Trixie is happy, because she does get to be a dog - the best thing there is to be. The food, the belly rubs… if only she could drive, her life would be perfect! Bestselling author Dean Koontz gives readers a fun, lighthearted glimpse into the imagination of Trixie, his beloved golden retriever, whose quirky narration and irrepressible spirit will delight readers young and old. I, Trixie who is dog is a part of the Auryn line from Auryn Inc. and is based on Dean Koontz’ book by the same name. ▶ KEY EDUCATIONAL THEMES: -Learn about the roles of various animals like cows, sheep, etc. in our lives -Encourage kids to color each page with their favorite color -Learn about dogs and the activities they do. ▶ EXTEND THE LEARNING! ASK YOUR CHILD: -Point out to various animals on each page and ask “Name the animal in the picture” -“What is the role of sheep or a cow?” Introduce new animals to the kids. -“What sound does a cow make?” ▶ ENHANCE CREATIVITY BY PERSONALIZING THE STORY: - You can write your own version of the text for the book - Customize your illustrations, children can paint the background, characters on every page with their favorite colors. - Personalize the narration: kids or parents can re-record the narration to make it their own! ▶ DEVELOP READING SKILLS WITH THESE LITERACY TOOLS: - Image and word association vocabulary builder - when an image on the screen is touched, the associated word is spoken and the written word is displayed. - Karaoke effect - when a word is spoken during narration then the word is highlighted. - Touch a word to hear it being spoken in “Read Myself” mode (almost like “training wheels” for new readers) ▶ THREE WAYS TO READ THE BOOK: 1) "Read to me" - Listen to the narrated story while the text is displayed Karaoke style. After the narration finishes on a page the child can interact with objects until they are ready to move to the next page. 2) "Auto Play" - same as "Read to Me" except the page advances automatically once the narration is finished. Useful for those long car rides when you want the child to have a complete book experience. 3) "Read myself" - There is no narration but the child can touch a word to hear it being spoken aloud. Please rate and review the app. Your feedback means a lot to us! Stay in the loop: www.auryn.com Write to us: community@auryn.com Like us: Facebook.com/aurynapps Follow us: Twitter.com/aurynapps Follow us: Pinterest.com/appsbyauryn


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Version: 1.0.2

Size: 134.46 MB


Price: 1,76 €

Developed by Auryn Inc.

Day of release: 2012-01-20

Recommended age: 4+

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