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I Can Make It! 3 in 1

I can Make it 3 in 1 (Deluxe Version) ...The 3 New Original Stories in 1! ...Building Moral Character in Your Children! ...A Best Gift for Kids! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...Features: ☉The ...

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I can Make it 3 in 1 (Deluxe Version) ...The 3 New Original Stories in 1! ...Building Moral Character in Your Children! ...A Best Gift for Kids! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...Features: ☉The professional voice actors use unique character voices and expression in their narration, which is sure to attract children and lead them into the wonderful English-story environment. ☉Through reading these stories, children are able to learn about great qualities as they relate to life strengthening. ☉專業外語人士配音,利ç
獨特çš„聲音表情,帶領孩子輕鬆進入美語故事情境。 ☉閱讀本故事çš„孩子,能夠ç¿’得優質çš„ç‟命能力,幫助孩子é«â€èªÃ§â€Ÿå‘½Ã§š„美好,並建構正向的觀念,進而ç•ç‟行為çš„æ‹變。 ☆With two modes of display: 1. Page flip- Manual, Reading sound- Auto; 2. Page flip & Reading sound- Manual. ☆Add the flash videos including Chinese and English subtitle. ☆Add a translation in every single page and a translation of whole story in the end. ☆The Bedtime Story Function: Parents can play only audios of the stories during kids’ sleep time. ☆分為兩種閱讀模式供讀者選擇:1.自動朗讀.手動翻頁模式,以及2.手動朗讀.手動翻頁模式。 ☆新增該故事çš„動畫影片,亦可選擇中文字幕或英文字幕的版本(皆為英文發音)。 ☆針對每一頁çš„內容新增上中文翻譯,並於末頁設有完整çš„故事翻譯。 ☆床邊故事功能:家長可選擇ç´â€Ã§²¹æ’­æ‾完整çš„故事音æªâ€,當做床邊故事陪伴孩子入睡。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Introduction of I’LL TRY MY BEST: Sean and Wake are practicing hard for the upcoming flying race. Sean follows his coach’s advice to practice hard and also rest. But Wake does not take these instructions to heart. What will happen on the race? 尚恩和韋克都在為即將來臨çš„飛行æ¯â€è³½èªÃ§œŸÃ§·´Ã§¿’;尚恩遵守教練çš„指導認真地練ç¿’和休息;韋克則是熬夜練ç¿’,æ¯â€è³½é‚£å¤©â€¦ *Moral Character: The importance of rest / Life Value Strengthening: Determination, Responsiveness, Bravery *品格意涵:休息çš„重要/優勢ç‟命力:堅毅力、應變力、勇敢力 ...Introduction of ONE MORNING ON THE WALKER FARM: Albert Duck wanted to help and do something for the Walker Farm, but no one needed his help. One day, there was a shout from Mrs. Walker. What happened? Will she need any help from Albert? 小鴨子亞柏也想為沃克農場貢獻一點心力,但卻不知道自己能做什麼。有一天,沃克太太請ä»–幫了一個忙,從此,亞柏便找到了自己çš„價值所在。 *Moral Character: Everyone is good at something / Life Value Strengthening: Self-belief, Acceptance *品格意涵:天ç‟我材必有ç
/優勢ç‟命力:自信力、接納力 ...Introduction of ONE TWO THREE --- FLY! : One of Mother Dandelion’s seeds does not want to fly away on the gentle breeze. He is afraid to leave his mother’s side. How will he face his fear? 蒲公英小籽小跑不肯飛上天,ä»–怕高,怕離開媽媽,ä»–要如何面對自己得害怕呢? *Moral Character: How do we face our fears? / Life Value Strengthening: Courage, Responsiveness, Aspiration *品格意涵:如何面對自己çš„懼怕/優勢ç‟命力:勇敢力、應變力、願景力 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Find Us Online & See More Books: Website: www.rainbowtw.com Blog: rainbowebook.pixnet.net/blog Email: happyrainbow@livemail.tw


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