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I Love To Write Volume 1

I Love to Write (Volumes 1-3) is an ideal first book for your child to learn how to read and write Chinese. This app is based on Dr. Luk Chiu Kwan Hung's ...

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I Love to Write (Volumes 1-3) is an ideal first book for your child to learn how to read and write Chinese. This app is based on Dr. Luk Chiu Kwan Hung's all-time favorite series of the same name《我愛寫字》 Dr. Luk has designed these curriculum materials for her pre-school and kindergarten children. Tens of thousands of children have built their first Chinese vocabularies on this foundation. Over 200 commonly used Chinese words and phrases have been carefully selected to equip the child with the vocabulary needed for her daily environment. As the child learns new words, she is guided to use the words she has learned to make simple phrases and simple sentences, thus gradually building up the child’s basic grammar and usage of the Chinese language. Each Chinese word or phrase is illustrated with pictures, as we believe that children learn more effectively connecting words with pictures. Stroke order demonstration, standard pinyin, Mandarin voiceover, and extensive writing practices are provided for each lesson. This app is equally effective and fun for learners of Chinese as a second language. The lessons are fully bilingual with complete English instructions and help files. Each Chinese word is paired with its corresponding English word and English voiceover. The child will learn faster while associating the Chinese character with its English meaning. More Features: •Supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese •Your child will have fun playing the two video games, ETrix and Matching. The games test the child’s ability to recognize Chinese characters, keeping track of his scores as well as maintaining a leader board. The child will be challenged to learn, advancing from Novice Writer, to Apprentice, and all the way to Master and Grand Master. Parents can monitor their child’s progress by his game scores and rankings. •Supports multiple learners. The app keeps track of the progress of up to 10 learners. It can be used among siblings or in a small class. The app keeps track of the progress and the scores of each learner, providing friendly competitions among siblings or classmates. About the Author Dr. Angela Luk Chiu Kwan Hung is one of the most renowned leaders and pioneers of early childhood education in Greater China. For sixty years she has dedicated her life to the education of young children. Dr. Luk has established over 50 kindergartens and day nurseries, and served as trustee or board member at numerous education institutions in Hong Kong and China. She has authored more than 1,000 volumes of children books and magazines, early childhood curriculum materials, and books on teacher training, child development, and parenting. Of special interest to her is the role of music in early childhood education. She has personally composed and written more than 200 children songs and lyrics. Recently, Dr. Luk has focused her creative talents on children’s theatre. She has composed and staged two popular children musicals, Little Rabbit’s Carrot and The Amazing Race, based on her best-selling children story books written years ago. In recognition of her contribution to education, Dr. Luk was honored as the first recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award sponsored by the Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong, 2001). On the international front, she was invited as a visiting scholar to Wheelock College (Boston, 2004). In Asia, she was conferred the prestigious China Naito International Childcare Award (Beijing, 2004), and the Soong Ching Ling Camphor Tree Award (Beijing, 2011).


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