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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Exam LOT-925

Lotus Notes Domino Exam LOT-925 Prep Exam LOT-925: Installing and Configuring IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 QUIZ section: 175 questions covering all ...

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Lotus Notes Domino Exam LOT-925 Prep Exam LOT-925: Installing and Configuring IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 QUIZ section: 175 questions covering all the exam competency areas included in the real exam listed below. Real exam costs $200 now you can prepare and check if you can pass for a fraction of the cost. Exam simulation mode. Questions on category mode. LEARN section: Includes all the material you need to know in other to fully understand and pass the exam. This contains a lot of information from IBM info centre. INFO section: Lists competencies, links to book exam etc. App covers all the areas below: 1. Defining and Managing Policies Configure mail policy settings Configuring policies custom password defining desktop locking desktop policy policy synopsis productivity policy security policy Utilizing custom password policies Configuring the Roaming User Policy settings Creating policies archiving 2. Install and Configure Configuring AutoSave features Configuring Directory Links Configuring Directory Services Condensed Directory Catalogs LDAP services Configuring Domino Clustering Configuring Domino Web Servers Configuring network compression Configuring roaming users considering space planning requirements Configuring the Room and Resource Manager Configuring Transaction Logging Configuring User ID Recovery Creating Dynamic Policies Identify the architecture and key components of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environments Implementing Lotus Traveler Installing Notes clients multi-user clients Installing the Notes server client installer Preventing simple search Registration Certifiers Groups Organizational Units Organizations Understanding authentication-only directory services 3. Mail Configuring Inbox Maintenance iNotes Mail Journaling Message Recall functionality outbound SMTP relay authentication Reverse Path Settings RSS feed enabled mailfiles the Out of Office enhancements in the client the Out of Office server service Creating Domino (Notes) Named Networks Defining Mail Routing Protocols Defining supported message formats Planning for and Expanding Mail Topologies Setting up message disclaimers Understanding Mail Management enhancements Understanding Message Recall functionality 4. Manage and Maintain Configuring the Domino Console Configuring the prevention of incorrect system time changes Configuring the Server Controller Setting administrative preferences Understanding Directory Assistance enhancements Understanding Directory ServicesDirectory Assistance Understanding the Administration Process Understanding the Domino Administrator UI 5. Managing Servers Configuring Send to IBM feature Configuring Web Administration Bookmarks Understanding Domino server console commands Understanding the server controller Upgrading Domino Servers to version 8.5 6. Platform Support Defining Domino attributes Certifier Documents Configuration Documents Connection Documents Group Documents Messaging Person Documents 7. Security Configuring Message Recall security Defining Security Fields Deploying Lotus Traveler security features Implementing Shared Login Understanding and Configuring the Access Control List (ACL) Understanding database Access Control Lists Understanding password protection for Notes and Domino id files


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