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Explore how progress happens with THINK. For kids, innovators, and forward thinkers. From the very beginning, we`ve sought to improve the way ...

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Explore how progress happens with THINK. For kids, innovators, and forward thinkers. From the very beginning, we’ve sought to improve the way we live. We’ve worked to make our world more efficient, accessible, and safe. While each leap of progress has required its own intelligence and hard work, many seem to follow a distinct, repeatable pattern. We see how our world behaves, map what we find, understand causes and effects, believe we can create new outcomes, and act to build and improve the systems around us. THINK explores how we can follow this path to address some of our most pressing challenges - from the grand to the everyday. THINK app, compatible with iPads running iOS 5.0 or later, includes stunning HD video and scalable high resolution images. THINK includes: - A 10-minute HD film How does progress happen? Through past and present stories, the THINK film decodes the patterns of human progress and shows how technology can improve the world around us. - 5 interactive modules Seeing: Navigate an illustrated timeline documenting our quest to measure the world with increasingly precise tools. Mapping: Discover some of the world’s most important maps and explore how they organize complex information. Understanding: Interact with the models used to untangle and predict the behaviors of the world. Believing: Listen to leaders of world-changing initiatives explain how they build belief. Acting: Travel across a virtual globe to discover some of the most inspiring examples of systemic progress. How would you make the world work better? #IBM #THINK Share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas by joining the discussion on how to make the world work better. Use the hashtags #IBM and #THINK when you post your ideas across your social networks.


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