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------------------------------------------ ➤ 以前只是無趣的運用書本來學習! ➤ 讓我們輕鬆, 快速, 有效的運用智慧型手機(SmartPhone)來改善吧! ➤ 只要一個漢堡的價錢, 即可透過看/聽/玩方式, 迅速提昇學習效能! ➤ 無論何時何地, ...

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------------------------------------------ ➤ 以前只是無趣的運用書本來學習! ➤ 讓我們輕鬆, 快速, 有效的運用智慧型手機(SmartPhone)來改善吧! ➤ 只要一個漢堡的價錢, 即可透過看/聽/玩方式, 迅速提昇學習效能! ➤ 無論何時何地, 你都可以透過ivy English來提升英文能力! ------------------------------------------ ✦✦✦ ivy English IELTS 的創新特色 ✦✦✦ ✶ 最重要的單字 內含最常使用的重要單字, 無論你在哪個等級, 皆非學不可! ✶ 英語系真人發音 我們提供來自英語系的真人標準發音 ✶ 測驗功能 完成每個單元後, 皆可透過測驗來再次加深記憶, 達到最佳學習效果 ✶ Twitter 即時情報 你可透過Twitter了解ivy English的即時資訊 ✶ 其他主要創新 - 科學化區分為3個有效的學習單元 - 透過順序與隨機功能, 活化單字的記憶訓練 - 透過學習狀態管理系統, 輕易的掌握學習狀況 - 靈活的音效設計, 告別無趣學習環境 - 無限制的重複練習功能 --------------------------------------------- ✔ 如果你對ivy English有任何的疑問, 請透過以下方式與我們連絡: Twitter : E-mail : Blog : ------------------------------------------ ➤ Are you still reading the books and memorizing a hundred words at a time? ➤ Learn fast and easily with your smartphone! ➤ You will learn English vocabulary by simply watching, listening and having fun!! ➤ With ivy English IELTS, resume your English study that you've been putting off today. You can study anywhere, whenever! ------------------------------------------ ✦✦✦ ivy English IELTS Highlights ✦✦✦ ✶ Essential English Vocabulary Essential English words that you must know regardless of your English level based on the importance and frequency of inclusion in the actual tests. ✶ Voice of Native Speakers Recorded by professional native speakers for perfect pronunciation ✶ QUIZ Increase learning effectiveness with randomly generated quiz after studying each unit! ✶ Twitter update You can keep up with the latest news and update with ivy English Twitter ✶Other key features - 3 units of scientific learning material - study English words in sequence or random - provides a simple and easy progress management tool - never a boring moment with various sound effects --------------------------------------------- ✔ Please contact us for more information or if you want to get to know ivy English better!: Twitter : E-mail : Blog :


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