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Overview Understand the global pharmaceutical market trends and sales forecasts to 2016 with the IMS Strategic Management Review (SMR) app, from IMS ...

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Overview Understand the global pharmaceutical market trends and sales forecasts to 2016 with the IMS Strategic Management Review (SMR) app, from IMS Health, the leading provider of information, services and technology to the healthcare industry around the world. The freely downloadable app provides a set of key slides with audio commentary from Graham Lewis, VP, Strategic Global Solutions at IMS Health and an authority on the global pharma industry dynamics. Details The Strategic Management Review is a healthcare industry overview App which looks at the most current and emerging themes within pharma marketplace and offers a perspective from IMS Health on what the future will look like and how healthcare organizations need to adapt and react. This application provides a key set of slides with an audio soundtrack with an option to download further insights and forecasts in the first delivery on the Pharma market. Our 2012 Pharma SMR titled “Changing fundamentals, a new era for Pharma” is focused around the following themes: The past is not sustainable: Long before the recession the cost of healthcare was on an unsustainable trajectory eating up government budgets across mature markets. What the recession has managed to do is bring this to light sooner than might otherwise have occurred. This section looks at the balance between healthcare financing and pharmaceutical spend and looks at ways countries are trying to balance their healthcare budgets. Moving on the 2016: Looking forward to 2016, where’s the pain and where’s the gain for the global pharmaceutical industry? Here IMS examines the inhibitors of industry growth: the tightening funding environment, peak small molecule genericisation and the crisis for patent protected growth in mature markets, as well as identifying the opportunities: in specialist care, biologics and biosimilars. Corporate Positioning: The top 10 pharmacos have employed a wide variety of strategies in planning for the future, from strong investment in R&D to complete diversification of the portfolio. This section benchmarks the top 10 in terms of growth and pipeline, and asks - is diversification really the answer? This Thought Leadership will be of interest to all those interested in the global pharma marketplace at country, regional and global level. Strategic Management Reviews reports from IMS Health: •Now available, the IMS SMR for Pharma •Coming soon the SMR’s for Oncology, Diabetes and the OTC Pharma markets. To find out more about IMS SMR email us at netinfo@uk.imshealth.com or complete the Contact Us form on the app itself!


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