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About “moving” “moving” is published by Interroll, which numbers among the world`s leading manufacturers of key products for materials ...

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About “moving” “moving” is published by Interroll, which numbers among the world’s leading manufacturers of key products for materials handling, internal logistics and automation. The purpose and contents of the new magazine are to report about processes and specialties relevant to moving worldwide. This include logistics and merchandise transportation on the basis of selected case studies from various countries and branches of industry, as well as more generalized stories illuminating the phenomena of movement and transport from unconventional perspectives. About “Atlas” You might be wondering why we have called this app “Atlas” rather than “Product Catalogue”. This is because an atlas provides global navigation without going into too much detail, which tends to be the role of encyclopedias or, as is the case within our company, the role of catalogues and our professional and personal advice. You will find interesting applications with references to the products used there and then also our best-sellers, i.e. the products, modules and solutions most valued by our customers. We hope that this Atlas will provide you with answers to your questions and would be pleased to have a more detailed discussion with you. About “The Heart of Logistics” In this app, you will find out how Interroll helps you cover a large range of applications to improve the overall performance of warehousing and distribution centres. Pallet Flow, Carton Flow and Versi Flow: we have a suitable solution for all of your needs. See for yourself how companies like Procter&Gamble, Red Bull and many others take advantage of our solutions!


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