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INformâ„¢ Patient Education App

A must-have resource for leading OB/GYN facilities and providers. Easy-to-use iPad® App - Simply download and use in exam room as portable unit or mount ...

Discontinued App

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A must-have resource for leading OB/GYN facilities and providers. Easy-to-use iPad® App - Simply download and use in exam room as portable unit or mount on wall. This iPad® App offers in-room, touchscreen technology that empowers patients to make informed decisions based on unbiased information. Its interactive interface is the most straightforward, easy-to-use patient education resource available. Quickly and easily, patients can have an improved understanding of medical conditions and treatment options based on consistent, accurate information through education. Facilitates Patient self-education: This interactive, easy-to-use tool serves up-to-date content on women’s health topics. Patients waiting in exam rooms now have a resource they can turn to, to consume idle time and create a sense of calm during their wait time. When the physician is in the room, the INformâ„¢ Patient Education App then becomes a resource for them, offering an audio and visual aid to help the physician better explain complicated medical topics to the patient, increasing efficiency and helping the patient in retention of the information, Assists Physician explanation: Serves as a visual aid in explaining complicated medical topics. Therefore increasing efficiency and reducing risks The INformâ„¢ Patient Education App helps physicians further clarify complicated medical topics with patients. Your patient’s health literacy is important for both you and your patient. By providing the necessary medical information to ensure all options and consent is established you provide the best service to your patients all at your fingertipsâ€â€using innovative audio-visual techniques. Branded with Provider Clinic identity: Providing the INformâ„¢ Patient Education App on iPads® in each exam room positions your clinic as a leading-edge provider vs. the competitionâ€â€an easy way to differentiate your practice. The app is completely customizable to your clinic.  With subscription to premium services you may fully customize for your clinic and brand identity, place your logo, select your colors, create custom content and select language on the app, making it your own. Designed specifically for the needs of OB/GYN facilities and providers, the INformâ„¢ Patient Education App is a unique resource that helps build stronger relationships between physician and patient, leading to enhanced patient retention, increased conversion of procedures and greater propensity for patient referrals. Fully customizable for how you communicate and your clinics brand identity. This communication tool enables a stronger relationship between patient and physician, ensuring a better overall exam experience for both.


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