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Turn your iPhone / iTouch/iPad into a Portable Payment Processing Center with Ippa (Intergrated Payment Processing Application). First iphone payment ...

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Turn your iPhone / iTouch/iPad into a Portable Payment Processing Center with Ippa (Intergrated Payment Processing Application). First iphone payment processing application that processes both credit cards and checks/ACH. Provides one screen transaction menu for both credit cards and checks that includes : • Credit card pre-authorization • Post Only (billing pre-authoirization) • Sale (pre-authorization & post) • Refund • Void • Credit Generates automatic customer and merchant receipts by email. Ippa provides transaction history as well as on screen search to create fingertip reporting by: • Customer Name(first and last) • Account Number (last 4 digits of credit card # or transaction #) • Transaction Status (Accept/Decline) • Order Number • Date Range Merchants can save money using Ippa to get both their credit card and check/ACH transactions funded and into their bank account easier and quicker. Ippa supports all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover…) Easy setup and interfaces with payment gateways and merchant accounts. Test Mode allows you to run real time transactions (test account #) without a billing result to make sure you are able to process in a particular venue. Run multiple iPhones from one merchant account with no additional Gateway charges. Ippa operates on more processing platforms than any other iPhone / iTouch payment application. Those platforms include: • Central Coast • Consocio Group • Digital Courier • Echo • EFS Net • Edelweiss • First Data Nashville Terminal Capture • First Data Nashville Host Capture • First Data North • First Data Omaha • Global Payments-Central • Global Payments-East • Network One • Elavon US • PaymentTech-Tampa • WorldPay Lynk • WorldPay LISO • WorldPay TCMP • TSYS/Vital Ippa supports all data connections (3G,4G,Wifi) All data transmitted securely over SSL and our PCI compliant payment gateway. Credit card verifications as to Accept/ Decline are completed in seconds as well as being able to implement Address Verification Support (AVS) and CVV2 enable receiving lowest discount rates. Technical Support is provided 24/7 by calling 866-354-3489 www.myIppa.com Requirements: iPhone – requires OS 6.0 or later iTouch- requires Firmware 6.0 update or later iPad – works on all versions MFi Certificate PPID # 104423-0005


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 745.14 KB


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Developed by Innuity

Day of release: 2010-04-26

Recommended age: 4+

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