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IQSegVueâ„¢ is an application that allows users to analyze the quality of video delivery to a mobile device (iPad) using the patented and patent-pending ...

Discontinued App


IQSegVue™ is an application that allows users to analyze the quality of video delivery to a mobile device (iPad) using the patented and patent-pending VeriStream™ metrics. It acts both as a video player and an analysis tool of key QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) parameters for single users or network technicians. Watch the video on screen; see the analytics in real-time. Results can be either emailed to the user or automatically transferred, real time from the application to your IneoQuest cMAC™ (Consolidated Mobile Analytics Collector) account where detailed reports and trends can be generated. IQSegVue helps users pinpoint where and why the video experience is bad, and what the potential causes are. Key Metrics VSI (VeriStream™ Service Index) -Identifies issues with the video delivery to the iPad using VeriStream™ metric, providing insight into the delivery issues. -Measure and records network bitrate of video delivery and video buffer depth. -Identifies issues with HTTP network. -Provides valuable trace route information between the end point ipad and the video source to help isolate network route issues with poor performing video streams. VEI (VeriStream™ Experience Index) -Identifies issues with the video player’s interaction with the video. -Calculates and records re-buffering events, service outages events, gear shifts (ABR changes) events and the associated video bitrates achievable during a viewing session, frame drop and freeze frame events. Background A key metric built into this app is VeriStream™, the only QoS metric for Adaptive Streaming Video that provides insight into the delivery issues that could be anywhere in the delivery path. Adaptive Streaming technology for delivering video over the Internet and to mobile devices is gaining popularity for Multi-screen video services worldwide by Over-the-Top (OTT) providers and traditional Video Service Providers. Adaptive Streaming puts the power in the client to switch between different bitrate video files to enhance the user experience tenfold. However, the protocols do not address how it interacts with the underlying network and how network should be managed or improved to provide an optimal experience. IneoQuest, the global leader in Video Quality and Service Assurance, plugs this gap by introducing its patented VeriStream technology to provide the key missing QoS metric that can be used to manage and improve the delivery network. An Adaptive Video client software library, that is built into IQSegVue and provides the VeriStream metric and end-client measurements and statistics, is also available at no cost for application developers to easily incorporate into their apps. Designing in IneoQuest’s client software library into the application will empower OTT and service providers with a tool that instantly helps them diagnose video delivery issues. IneoQuest also offers a cloud-based video analytics service that aggregates and correlates the real-time quality metrics and viewer statistics from all connected devices, on a subscription-fee basis. This gives users of the service an unprecedented view of their video performance even when the service crosses multiple providers, CDNs, and consumer devices, which is key for a provider’s operations and marketing as well as service level agreements (SLA). This subscription fee-based service is possible when the optional data transfer function is enabled in video analytics software library or activated within the IQSegVue app. When activated, the service offers a cost-effective approach to gathering the business intelligence needed to deliver high quality multiscreen video services. Over-the-Top (OTT) and other Video Service Providers can combine IneoQuest's subscription service along with other IneoQuest solution components (iVMS®-ASM, Expedus® DVA®, IQDialogue® ASM and Expedus ASM) to build a true end-to-end Adaptive Streaming Video Service Assurance solution.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1.0

Size: 5.26 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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